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The mobility and power of this TPG-1 remake has been improved by applying a new lightweight barrel and larger standard magazine.
  — Weapon Description 

The EPKO Tank Gun is a Sniper weapon released during the 25-8-22 Release Update.


The infamous TPG-1 is considered one of the only "true" one-hit-kill sniper rifles, with a base damage of 115 which can be upgraded by using the Lapua Magnum to 130. Although it has extremely low mobility, RoF, magazine size, and ADS time, the TPG-1's weaknesses are usually overlooked simply because of it's raw power and accuracy.

One of the main hindrances of the TPG-1 against other sniper rifles is it's agonizingly slow scoping speed. This can cause the user to lose firefights during Sniper-only games because every other sniper in the game has a faster ADS time. Because of this, it is recommended that the user "hardscopes" when attempting to get kills. However, hardscoping also has major drawbacks including limited visibility, difficulty hitting laggy players as well as lower mouse sensitivity until you scope out, but even so, this is usually negated if one is used to the sensitivity of their mouse. If, however, your opponent misses his/her first shot, it is highly recommended NOT to quickswitch (QQ) if you also miss your first shot because the game will automatically re-scope the TPG1 almost 3 times quicker, granting you the possibility of killing the other player, especially if you are within close range and cannot find cover.



  • High-powered Scope (Slow, double phase)
  • Sharpshooter Scope
  • Precision Scope


  • .338 Lapua Barrel (+5 Damage, -4.4 Recoil Control)


  • Precision Trigger (+2.8 ACC)


  • Ergonomic Grip (+1.5 Accuracy)
  • Weight Grip (+9.9 Recoil Control, -0.8 Mobility)


  • Heavy Stock (+5.4 Recoil Control, -1.2 Mobility)
  • Shock Absorber (+5.1 ACC)

Recommended Builds

  1. High-powered Scope
  2. .338 Lapua Barrel
  3. Ergonomic Grip



  • The rifle's full name is Unique Alpine Taktisches Präzisions Gewehr - 1, or Tactical Precision Rifle if you arent from Germany.
  • Ingame it features a custom paintjob on the hanguard and stock, along with a stainless steel barrel, bolt, and charging handle.