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A customized model based on the TPG1 EPKO and produced by Orvilld Gibson the Meister. It has an advanced overall ability and increased max. ammo.
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The Firebird is a skinned variant of the EPKO (TPG-1). It was originally released as the jackpot of Season 3 Mega Capsules. Now it is avaible in the Unique Soldier Box. Statistically and performance-wise, it is identical to the EPKO.

The exterior is a very futuristic design. Almost the entire gun glows red and the words, "FIREBIRD" scroll across the side of it. The muzzle sound of the gun has also been changed, creating a much more powerful sound when shooting.

Unlike many others, the Firebird seems to have an outstanding performance even with extremely long ranges as it almost never tanks regardless of the range, and the damage bonus intensifies it's effective range even further.



  • High Powered Scope (Slow, strong, double phase)
  • Precision Scope (Fast, moderate, double phase)
  • Quick Scope (Fast, single phase)
  • Sharp Shooter Scope (Fastest, moderate, double phase)

Recommended Builds

Either Sharp Shooter Scope or Precision Scope work the best. Keep in mind, however, it costs 5,000 Euro every time you change the scope on it


  • TPG-1 Tank Gun
  • Epko Firebird