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Equipment is armor or visual apparel that a player can buy for their soldier in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Equipment can grant bonuses to the player's character and also change the appearance of a player's soldier. The Weapon Shop has a large and diverse amount of equipment in stock, which can be bought for either Euros or premium currency.

(Other cash )


The SH16 set is available in the shop for 980 euro. The armor is still using euros per min. But if all the armor pieces of this set are equipped, there is a bonus.

- 3 pieces equipped: 10% reduction in recoil when hit
- 5 pieces equipped: Sprint speed increased by 2.31%
- All pieces equipped: Lucky Shot Chance +2% Increase

List of Available Equipment[]


Helmet Price Description
SH-16 Helmet' 9 euro/min Pointman: Wearing site damage absorption rate 90% Helmet drop

Rifleman: If you absorb 1 or more damage when hit Helmet drop
Sniper: If you absorb 1 or more damage when hit Helmet drop

Standard Helmet FREE A free Standard Helmet. This Helmet will automatically be equipped when no other helmets or headgear is equipped. The Standard Helmet will absorb 90% of the damage from one or two weak hits before flying off the user's head. It blocks approximately 15 to 18 points of damage. Any bullet that strikes the head hit-box with a minimum of 30 damage will result in a one-hit headshot.


Armor Price Description
SA-16 special bulletproof clothing 20 euro/min Upper body damage absorption rate 45%


Uniform Price Description
SD-16 special camouflage clothing 6 euro/min Explosive Weapon Damage Absorption Rate 10% Melee Weapon Damage Absorption Rate 15%.


Gloves Price Description
SG-16 Special Gloves 8 euro/min 10% reduction in recoil when shooting Damage increased by 50% when wearing melee weapons Transfer fire accuracy increased by 0.35% when equipped with SMG, shifting fire accuracy increased by 0.3% when equipped with Rifles Sniper Rifle-mounted zoom mode collection rate increased by 0.35%


Boots Price Description
SB-16 Special Boots 9 euro/min Pointman: Reduced Fall Damage by 5%

Rifleman:Increased Walking Speed by 45%
Sniper: Increased Walking Speed by 30%


Protector Price Description
SP-16 special joint supporter 18 euro/min Arm and leg damage absorption rate 45%


Boots Price Description
CU685 Goggles 700 euros Shows red-purple color after successful hits on a target, Skull will appear after your target has been killed. Friendly players health and AI Boss health visible. Can see where C4 package in Demolition. Useful for co-op and marking enemy players. There is no shading effect on flash grenades, etc., which is different from CU686

Additional Items[]

Boosters Slot Price Description
EXP Up 100% Experience Points 60 M* (7 days) 100% Experience
Euro Booster 100% Euro 60 M* (7 days) 100% Euro
Double Booster Double Up 100 M* (7 days) 100% Euro & Experience.
Field Officer EXP +200% Experience Points N/A 200% Experience. Only equipable by the rank Field Officer
Company Officer EXP +150% Experience Points N/A 150% Experience. Only equipable by the rank Company Officer.
Supply Point Up 30% Supply N/A 30% Supply points.
EXP Up 400% Experience Points N/A 400% Experience.'

*M = Ava Medal.

Character skins[]

Name price Bonus
Ahmed 30.000 euro (30 days) 2% lucky shot
Ahmed premium 999 2%lucky shot

+30 Experience points
+15% reload speed

Anastasia 30.000 euro (30 days) 3% lucky shot
Pavlovna Inspire 999 2%lucky shot

+30 Experience points
+15% reload speed

shenah 30.000 euro (30 days) 2% lucky shot
Vasily Zaytsev 999 3% lucky shot

+30 Experience points
+2% sniper mounting speed