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"Surround the tank!"
- EU Squad Leader


Game Mode - Escort - Tank Gunner

A EU player in the gunner position on the tank.

European Union forces must defend and escort their tank while the Neo Russian Federation use RPG-7s to destroy it and wreak havoc among the attacking team. There are two rounds in Escort, one where the player's team is attacking and the other where the player's team is defending, in any order. Escort is a time-based challenge, with the winner being whichever team escorts the tank past the final checkpoint the fastest. If neither team is able to push the tank past its final point, the team who pushes it the farthest wins.

Game Mechanics[]


  • The tank only moves forward when an EU player is by its side
  • The tank is armed with a MG3A1 Machine Gun to assist EU forces
  • The MG3A1 Machine Gun is equipped with infinite ammo and a one hundred round magazine which needs to be reloaded
  • Sitting in the Gunner's seat when an RPG-7 round hits leads to an instantaneous death
  • Repairing the tank with one friendly player takes ( ) seconds, a long time.
  • Repairing the tank with two friendly players takes ( ) seconds, a short time
  • In Black Hawk and White Out, The tank will heal nearby EU player, even if it is destroyed.


  • An RPG-7 box is located at each NRF spawn, sometimes two if the map is big enough
  • It takes two direct hits from RPG-7s to disable the tank


EU Tips[]

  • Evenly distribute your team out to help the tank move with more efficiency. Have two players constantly escorting and repairing the tank, no more than two snipers taking out enemies and other snipers, have Riflemen directly charging at NRF hotspots, and have Pointmen flanking NRF spawns.
  • As flanking players, always take different routes each life in order to confuse and deter the enemy.

NRF Tips[]

  • Just as the EU should have their team's tasks evenly distributed, do the same with your team. Have two RPG-7 gunners always destroying the tank, no more than two snipers taking out infantry and enemy snipers, Rifleman directly attacking EU players, and Pointmen flanking EU forces.
  • Constantly toss grenades at the tank, especially when it's under repair, in order to kill and deter EU players from fixing and escorting the tank.

Escort Maps[]


  • Standing in front of the tank, regardless of which team a player is part of, will kill them instantaneously and show the suicide icon in the kill feed.
  • Despite the EU escorting a tank, it does not come with exploding rounds.
  • The EU Tank is based on Leopard 2a7