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The most iconic currency in-game

The Euro is the standard money system in Alliance of Valiant Arms. It is used to purchase items if the player does not have Aeria Points (formerly G Coins). It is earned through supply points, promotions, and gaining awards.

Earning Euros for Free[]

  • Arguably the most efficient non-G coin means of obtaining Euros is to "3 Box" in Co-op Prison Break: Survival. In summary, one starts the PB:Survival mission, and kills opponets until 3 Green boxes are obtained. Then, promptly die and you obtain 500 Euros for approximately 6 minutes of gameplay. Rinse and repeat until satisfied. See the Prison Break (Survival) page for details.
  • Other method is to complete occasional events. Eg. Black Hawk Event, Township Event, Cold Case Event or Blind Eagle Event. Most of them requires certain time of playing map withing event dates (usually 2 hours). Rewards are between 3,000 and 10,000 €. Current event can be found in Events Calendar

Earning Euros with the use of Aeria Points[]

  • Buying Certain Weapons and Gear in the Weapon Shop
  • Buying Euro Lottery Capsules in the Capsule Shop
  • An occasional consolation prize received from Aeria Points Capsules in the Capsule Shop




Euro prize

A 3000 Euros Reward earned from participation in the End of Summer Event!