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The European Union or simply the EU is one of the two factions in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Their enemy is the Neo Russian Federation.


The soldiers of the EU have a green/tan uniform in battle.

In-game, the soldiers of the EU appear as the attacking team in Demolition and Escort.

Snipers are always hooded regardless of what helmet a player uses. The only exception are berets, hats, and specific masks such as the Pumpkin Mask.



  • The European Union seems to be the hero faction of Alliance of Valiant Arms because they are used in training and as the friendly faction in scenario missions.
  • Despite the name of this faction, all EU soldiers speak English with British or American accents.
  • Some Riflemen of the EU have the French flag on their back, showing that most troops are French.
  • The root word EU means good.
  • The EU forces may be part of Eurocorps, specifically the French-German Brigade.