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Eva Maria Vorel
Eva 2
Class: N/A
Faction: EU
Effects: None
Price: None


Eva Maria Vorel, as know as First Lieutenant Eva, is an EU intelligence officer and AI that appears in several AI Co-op missions. In Prison Break she is armed with a Pistol Beretta 92FS, while in Annihilation AI she is armed with a M82A3 Barrett .


Not much is currently know about her, but as more maps are revealed on AVA, more information is likely to be posted.



  • Despite her being an EU ally, she is commonly one of the NRF leaders in Annihilation (AI) depending on which team is winning when the leaders are spawned.
  • She is commonly seen in Scenario missions serving as an on objective or waiting at extraction.
  • Currently she has two attires, the first is a slightly unbuttoned white dress shirt which is damp due to sweat which also reveals a a black bra. Along with that she wears a dress skirt with torn leggings. Her 2nd attire is a white dress shirt with a red skirt and leggings.