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What is Fortune Stars?

Fortune Stars is a new selection of weapons available in the Fortune Stars section in-game!

Fortune Stars guarantees a win with every play, and that every win will be a beautiful weapon that simply cannot be found anywhere else!
  — Patch Description 


Fortune Stars is the second installment of microtransactions that replaced the Mega Capsule series. It comes across every few months and lasts about two months. Sometimes the time may get extended for each season.

Bonus Items are also acquired from purchasing a certain amount of spins. It is explained down below:

Bonus Items Basic Bonus (2 Spins) Fever Bonus (3 Spins) Cheer Up Bonus (6 Spins) Collection Bonus (9 Spins)
Season 1 HK45 Barti Ddu Anastasia Bonny Pirate Knife AK-47 Gold Dragon
Season 2 Tri Crystal Edge Lily, Lady of War MTE-224 Bloody Rock Dual TMP Icy Fort
Season 3 Mask Of Betrayal Shenah Betrayal Hatchet Betrayal Model S&W500 Betrayal
Season 4 M18 Living Machine Marek Cyborg Liquid Blade Mauser C96 Human Leader
Season 5 Razor's Edge Black Widow Lei M67 Reactor Colt SAA Ace of Spades
Season 6 Hand Ax, Medal of Valor Vasily, Medal of Valor M67, Medal of Valor TT-33, Medal of Valor
Season 7 MK3A2 Dreamcatcher M67 Dreamcatcher Katana Dreamcatcher P38 Dreamcatcher
Season 9 M67 Dr. Steam Rapier Dr. Steam Auto 9 Dr. Steam Dr. Priest Steam
Season 10 M67 Jager Nadine Marek, The Jager Jager Knife Nadine Luger P08 Jager Nadine
Season 11 M67 Sci-Fi Ginny, the Sci-Fi Chainsaw Sci-Fi M93Ra Sci-Fi
Season 12 M116A1 R-Lab Ahmed, the R-Lab Dadao R-Lab S&W 500 R-Lab

Season One: Piracy[]

Fortune Stars Season 1

Dates: From March 17th, 2015 - April 28th, 2015

Jackpot: SAKO RK.95 Blackbeard

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: HK45 Barti Ddu

Fever Bonus: Anastasia Bonny

Cheer Up Bonus: Pirate Knife

Collection Bonus: AK-47 Gold Dragon

Season Two: Fantasy[]

Fortune Stars Season 2

Dates: From June 9th, 2015 - June 21st, 2015

Jackpot: MP7A1 Night Flier

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: Tri Crystal Edge

Fever Bonus: Lily, Lady of War

Cheer Up Bonus: MTE-224 Bloody Rock

Collection Bonus: Dual TMP Icy Fort

Season Three: Betrayal[]

Fortune Stars Season 3

Dates: From , 2015-October 28, 2015

Jackpot: ASW 338 Betrayal

Bonus Items:[]

Basic Bonus: Mask Of Betrayal

Fever Bonus: Shenah Betrayal

Cheer Up Bonus: Hatchet Betrayal

Collection Bonus: Model S&W500 Betrayal

Season Four: Terminator[]

Fortune Stars Season 4

Dates: From December 8th 2015 -

Jackpot: M16A4 Absolute Machine

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: M18 Living Machine

Fever Bonus: Marek Cyborg

Cheer Up Bonus: Liquid Blade

Collection Bonus: Mauser C96 Human Leader

Season Five: Apocalypse[]

Fortune Stars Season 5

Dates: From March 15th, 2016 - May 23rd, 2016

Jackpot: P90 Apocalypse

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: Razor's Edge

Fever Bonus: Black Widow Lei

Cheer Up Bonus: M67 Reactor

Collection Bonus: Colt SAA Ace of Spades

Season Six: Medal of Valor[]

Fortune Stars Season 6

Dates: June 6th, 2016 -

Jackpot: M24S., Medal of Valor

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: Hand Ax, Medal of Valor

Fever Bonus: Vasily, Medal of Valor

Cheer Up Bonus: M67, Medal of Valor

Collection Bonus: TT-33, Medal of Valor

Season Seven: Dreamcatcher[]

Fortune Stars Season 7

Dates: Sept 22nd, 2016 - Oct 31st 2016

Jackpot: M4A1 Dreamcatcher

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: MK3A2 Dreamcatcher

Fever Bonus: M67 Dreamcatcher

Cheer Up Bonus: Katana Dreamcatcher

Collection Bonus: P38 Dreamcatcher

Season Eight: ARGUS[]

Dates: Dec 21st 2016 - Feb 4th 2017

Jackpot: ARGUS 556 Commando

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: M116A1 ARGUS

Fever Bonus: M67 ARGUS

Cheer Up Bonus: HAMMER ARGUS

Collection Bonus: Desert Eagle ARGUS

Season Nine: Dr. Steam[]

Dates: March 28th 2017 - April 28th 2017

Jackpot: R93 Dr. Steam's Cannon

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: M67 Dr. Steam

Fever Bonus: Rapier Dr. Steam

Cheer Up Bonus: Auto 9 Dr. Steam

Collection Bonus: Dr. Priest Steam

Season Ten: Jager[]

Date: June 28th 2017 -

  • Mk.18 Jager Florian
  • MP18 Jager Florian
  • AR-57 Jager Nadine
  • M4A1 Jager Nadine
  • SKS Jager Florian
  • Kar98K Jager Nadine
  • VSS Jager Florian
  • Mosin-Nagant Jager Florian

Jackpot: SA58 Jager Meissner

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: M67 Jager Nadine

Fever Bonus: Marek, The Jager

Cheer Up Bonus: Jager Knife Nadine

Collection Bonus: Luger P08 Jager Nadine

Season Eleven: Sci-Fi[]

Date: September 20th 2017 -

  • Kriss Sci-Fi V
  • X95R Sci-Fi
  • AKS-74U Sci-Fi
  • G36 Sci-Fi
  • HK416 Sci-Fi
  • TPG1 Sci-Fi
  • SVDM Sci-Fi
  • M40A5 Sci-Fi

Jackpot: XM8 Sci-Fi

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: M67 Sci-Fi

Fever Bonus: Ginny, the Sci-Fi

Cheer Up Bonus: Chainsaw Sci-Fi

Collection Bonus:M93Ra Sci-Fi

Season Twelve: R-Lab[]

Date: December 19th 2017 -

  • C7A2 R-Lab
  • SPAS12 R-Lab
  • QBU88 R-Lab
  • L96A1 R-Lab
  • M1 Garand R-Lab
  • Bizon R-Lab
  • SG556 R-Lab
  • M1903A1 R-Lab

Jackpot: Dual TMP R-Lab

Bonus Items[]

Basic Bonus: M116A1 R-Lab

Fever Bonus: Ahmed, the R-Lab

Cheer Up Bonus: Dadao R-Lab

Collection Bonus: S&W 500 R-Lab


  • Betrayal is named Pacifism in other versions of A.V.A due to being the original name.
  • M1921 Anne Bonny was featured in both season one and two.
  • This replaced the Mega Capsule sales series.
  • The fourth season of Fortune Stars referenced the Terminator franchise series.
  • Season 5's actual name is called sFortuna, corresponding with the short form of Stella Fortuna (P90 Apocalypse). Therefore the name is known as "[name of gun/bonus] sFortuna".
  • Season 7 is the first season to have two grenade skins in the bonus items.
  • Season 8's actual name has the extra word ''the". Therefore the name should be "[name of gun/bonus] the ARGUS".
  • TAVA has the word "ARGUS" written as 'Argus' also including the word "the".
  • Even though it has the same spelling/initials, "ARGUS" has nothing to do with the Arrow series.
  • M4A1 was featured in both Season 9 and 10 with the only difference being one is based on M4A1 MK.5 and M4A1 Graffiti respectively.
  • Season 11 also marks the first Ginny skin to be in the Fortune Star series.
  • Priest and Marek are two character skins that appeared more than once.



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