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MP40 plain-fugie

A standard fugitive, dressed in blue and holding a knife.

Fugitives are the main enemies of the scenario modes. At least one kind of fugitive makes an appearance in every scenario to date

Standard Fugitives[]

The most common type of fugitive. They are dressed in a sky blue color and wield a variety of weapons, all of them melee. These weapons include knives, food trays, and maces (which are really just wooden sticks). They run about as fast as the player's character does, but the player can outrun them by sprinting. Fugitives have been known to jump obsessively when they cannot find a way to their target. Their pathfinding skills are subpar, and so you can often escape them by going somewhere high or hiding near a wall.

Vicious Fugitives[]

Vicious fugitives dress in red. They wield axes, which do much more damage than the standard fugitives knives or maces. Usually, vicious fugitives are slower than they player (and the standard fugitives), but occasionally one will sprint at you. They jump too, so it is not a good idea to let your guard down around these guys.

Swift Fugitives[]

Swift fugitives wear yellow clothing. They deal damage similar to the normal fugitives, but they will sprint at you and they are known to jump. This makes them very dangerous, especially in Prison Break - Survival. These fugitives should take the priority in a crowd -- shoot them first! In Death Valley, swift fugitives wield knives and are called Swift Advance Soldiers.

Green Box Fugitives[]

MP40 box-fugies

Two green fugitives, armed with food trays.

Green box fugitives appear at various times in Prison Break - Survival at various points throughout your game. The first one (or two, sometimes) appear around 3:02. If you kill them, they drop green boxes. These boxes give you rewards such as Euros, a timed Stg44, a timed Walther, and a variety of other timed weapons. They are about as fast as swift fugitives and fairly strong. They always wield food trays.