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Operation: Fury
Date: August 25th, 2022
Location: Leverkusen
Mission: Breach
Map Overview


One small incident occurred when EU forces who recaptured Dusseldorf and Duisburg in a major counterattack in September 2008 advanced towards their next target Frankfurt.

A British prince who was in action with a fire control officer in an EU attack helicopter has gone missing during an operation. In a frantic SEARCH of the SAS, the NRF forces dispatched a armored brigade to quickly rescue the prince's confinement in occupied Leverkusen, and the advance team entered Leverkusen and began fierce fighting with the NRF's defense forces.

Game Mechanics[]

EU- Must escort the tank to objective point which is near the NRF spawn. EU personnel must defend the tank and let it proceed.

NRF- In the spawns, there are weapon boxes containing RPG-7s. THese are your weapon of choice for tanking out the tank. Defend the objective point until time runs out.


  • 4 team mates of EU stay near the tank while 4 others rush and flank the NRF.When injured go near the tank to heal.


  • Staying near the tank, it gives heals you which is a big advantage to EU troops.



【2016-12-21】新護衛マップ「FURY」 PV

Fury map trailer