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Operation: Gallery
Date: December, 2010
Location: Art Gallery in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Mission: Annihilation - SNIPER
Map Overview
Gallery Map overview

Soldiers from the NRF Sniper Brigade have been looting a variety of cultural artifacts while retreating from France to the defense line behind the Rhine River, and they are trying to take control of an art gallery located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in order to obtain a masterpiece kept in the basement of the gallery. However, they encounter a team of EU snipers, passing through the area on an assault recon mission, and the two sides get into a fierce battle.. Both the EU and NRF teams spawn at the both ends of the gallery as the Sniper Class only. There are many obstacles and alternative routes present in the combat area of the art gallery.
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Sniper: Gallery is an annihilation map where the designated class is Sniper. Whereas whether or not you selected sniper class, you will by default be directed to the sniper class once in-game. There are 2 M82A3 Barrett sniper rifles on each side of the showcase ledge with unlimited ammunition in each.


During the time of Halloween, this map is changed in a halloween theme map. There are halloween cosmetics added to the map, including pumpkins, small ghosts and spiders. There are also bonusses added which could be picked up, which give you extra kills during a limited amount of time.




AVA - Gallery nade spots, part 1


AVA - Gallery nade spots, part 2