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Grenade Throw

Throwing a Grenade on PYRAMID

Grenades are items used by all classes, which explode after being thrown, causing damage or impairing sight after hitting the ground. Grenades have a wide variety of uses, from flushing out bunkers to blinding the enemy, the grenade always has it's place on the battlefield.

The Rifleman can throw grenades faster and farther than any other class.

Grenade List [1]Edit

Within the North American version of A.V.A, there are eight different grenades. There are four types of grenades: flash, smoke, fragmentation, and flash + fragmentation.


Flash Grenade Edit

M116A1 Flash BangEdit

Weapon Grenade M18 M116A1 Flash Bang
The M116A1 is a non-lethal flash bang that generates a terrible bang to momentarily disable the eyesight of anyone caught in its blast zone.

Smoke Grenade Edit

M18 BLUEEdit

Weapon Grenade M18 BLUE
The M18 BLUE is a grenade that emits blue smoke. It screens a smaller area than the M18 RED, but lasts longer.

M18 REDEdit

Weapon Grenade M18 RED
M18 RED is a smoke grenade that emits red smoke. It's effect in blocking view is improved than that of AN-M8.


Weapon Grenade M18 PURPLE
The M18 PURPLE is a smoke grenade that emits purple smoke. It screens a smaller area than the M18 YELLOW, but lasts longer.


Weapon Grenade M18 YELLOW
The M18 YELLOW is a smoke grenade emitting yellow smoke. It provides a wider and longer lasting screen than that of AN-M8.

AN-M8 HCEdit

Weapon Grenade AN-M8 HC
The AN-M8 HC is a smoke grenade, causing no damage but heavily impairing the sight of everyone with thick clouds of white smoke within the zone at which the grenade has detonated. The AN-M8 HC looks similar to the MK3A2, but is white and yellow instead of black and yellow.

XM49 HakuenEdit

The XM49 Hakuen is a smoke grenade that immediately releases smoke when thrown. It is one of the most commonly seen smoke grenades in AVA, as well as the being most efficient one of it's type. The XM49 has it's shape based off the Clan Grenades.

Fragmentation Grenade Edit


Weapon Grenade M67
The M67 is probably the most common grenade used by players. The M67 causes damage to those within 5m of the blast. Despite its lethal range, the M67 does take a rather long time to detonate (roughly 4 seconds), which gives enemies enough time to get out of the blast radius and live. The M67 comes in two types; the standard M67 and the "Supply" M67, which perform almost identically with the supply grenade having a higher mobility. The M67 is circular and green, and currently the only grenade to not feature text upon its surface.

There are various skins for M67 that are being released.

List of skins Edit


Fragmentation and Flash Edit


Weapon Grenade MK3A2
The MK3A2 is a grenade with different functions and features than the counterpart it is constantly compared to, the M67. Unlike the M67, the MK3A2 explodes almost immediately upon being thrown (roughly 2 seconds after being thrown), making it an ideal weapon to toss during a CQB encounter or short flight path. However, the MK3A2 has a severely smaller blast radius than the M67, and should be used only with discretion if a player is aiming for kills. The MK3A2 also blinds enemy soldiers within its lethal radius, giving the grenade an extended advantage in breaching heavy defenses. The MK3A2 is shaped like a thick tube, colored black with a strip of yellow along the width of the grenade.


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