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Grenade Throw

Throwing a Grenade on PYRAMID

Grenades are items used by all classes, causing damage or impairing sight after hitting the ground. Grenades have a wide variety of uses that provide both an offensive and defensive benefit.

The Rifleman can throw grenades faster and farther than any other class.

Grenade List [1][]

Within A.V.A, there are five types of grenades: flash, smoke, fragmentation, flash + fragmentation and incendiary grenade.

Flash Grenade[]

The M116A1 is a non-lethal flash bang that generates a terrible bang to momentarily disable the eyesight of anyone caught in its blast zone

Smoke Grenade[]

  • M18 Gray The M18 Grey is a grenade that emits grey smoke. The duration of the smoke is slightly shorter than II, but the smoke screen development is faster
  • T13 Smoke Immediately smoke at the moment of contact with the wall and the ground and immendiately max deplotyment

Fragmentation Grenade[]

The M67 causes damage to those within 5m of the blast. Despite its lethal range, the M67 does take a rather long time to detonate (roughly 4 second)
All the skins have the same damage, but the explosion and mark afterwards could be different

Fragmentation and Flash Grenade[]

The MK3A2 is a grenade that is both lethal and flashing the enemy. The radius is smaller than the M67 grenade but exoplodes faster than the M67

Incendiary Grenade[]

A portable incendiary bomb that burns chemical additives such as thermite and barium nitrate to generate flame and heat in a certain range


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