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This model's firepower improves upon the KAC PDW by replacing the basic frame with high-intensity titanium alloy steels... and coating the parts with chrome.
  — Weapon Description 

The KAC PDW is an SMG originally released during the Aeria to En Masse transition.


The Guardian Gold Dog is an SMG that replaced the older, outdated KAC PDW Origin. Compared to the original, it boasts slightly lower damage (36.0 -> 34.0), but receiving a massive range boost (38.5 -> 46.2). The overall playstyle of the gun is the same as the Origin, but ranged firefights are now more viable.

The external shape of the gun is the exact same as the Origin, making it impossible to tell the difference between the two without seeing the name.



  • Dot(x2 HS)



  • It is a very small, agile weapon. Rushing works best with this gun, especially when enemies are within 15 meters of you
  • Only spray when enemies are super close, 3-5 shot burst for moderate ranges and 1-2 shot burst/tap for long ranges

Notable Comparisons


  • As with basically every other PDW, the KAC-PDW is intended to be compact and lightweight while keeping the firepower and range of the conventional assault rifle
  • From looking at the barrel, this might be the PDW 10 (10 inch).