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Contrary to its stats, the power of the Glock21C is comparable to the MK23 SOCOM. The Glock21C is a good choice for a secondary weapon, being close to 'normal' pistols but with more power, as it kills in approximately 4 to 5 hits in close ranges. Being only 4,900 Euros for purchase, the Glock21C is one of the most reliable pistols for its price. Despite having slightly lower accuracy and stability than several other more expensive secondaries, the Glock still retains the damage, portability, and clip size of its successors, and even features an increased firerate (though it requires a quick trigger finger). For a soldier on a budget or those looking for a reliable sidearm, the Glock21C is the perfect secondary for you. However, it's 13 round magazine may turn off a few people, although in the end, it is a FAR better choice than a P226.

After the release of true stats, the Glock21C is supplanting the Beretta92FS in KAVA. With its superior damage, penetration and range, the Glock21C always needs 1 less bullet to kill at all ranges against 09 armor, though the ROF is slower than the Beretta92FS.



In AVA Global the Glock is outclassed by the Beretta 92FS, which has 5 more bullets in the magazine along with better range, accuracy and recoil control. The only advantage the Glock has is the slightly higher armor penetration.


  • Despite its name ingame it is still a 2nd generation Glock 21 and does not feature the ported barrel of a compensated Glock.





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