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Weekly attendance reward/jackpot item. The body of this gun has been etched with the symbol for "luck". Luck that you'll obtain because of its extra magazine for the ultimate in lead-laden eradication!
  — Weapon Description 


The HG21c Sand is a cosmetic variant of the HG21C. Despite the fact that many people look down the Glock, the Glock21C Success can still compete against top tier pistols, such as the B-92 (Beretta92FS) and the SOCOM (MK23 SOCOM).


  • The Glock21C Lucky cannot be modified.

Recommended Builds

  • The Glock21C Lucky cannot be modified.



  • Aim for the head. Pulling off headshots is the easiest way of killing fast with the Glock. Despite the below average accuracy, the Glock21C Success does perform better at close range due to its non-existent bloom and recoil.

Notable Comparisons

  • B-92 (Beretta92FS): The Glock is technically a Beretta with identical damage (34), lower accuracy and stability. However, the stability statistic is a lie. The Glock doesn't have much recoil, unlike how the Beretta has a fast bloom and somewhat more recoil than the Glock.