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The P90 series' 5.7 x28mm rounds offer high penetration power while the pistol's relatively low recoil provides it with easier firing control and good accuracy. It comes with a high-capacity stock magazine that can hold 20 rounds.
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The Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN (HG57 in game) is a Secondary Weapon first introduce in the 12-09-10 Content Update.


The FN57 is a deadly pistol. Although it doesn't deal as much damage per round as other pistols, it makes up for that with an unrivaled magazine size, a quick drawspeed, a rate of fire (ROF) in competition with the Skorpion, and almost unlimited range (it has about 32.5 damage as minimum damage). The ROF is the highest of all semi-automatic pistols, so the only pistols challenging the FN57 would be the TMP and the Ingram MAC-10. One must keep in mind however, that the pistol is semi-automatic and a g coin capsule. But this gun is very deadly for decent snipers, if they get tanked, they pull this pistol for it's almost unlimited range and ROF to overwhelm the enemy with bullets.

From JAVA damage tests, due to its penetration, it does the exact same damage as the Beretta92FS against 09 at all ranges, making it a superior pistol overall.



There are no modifications available for the FN57, as it is a capsule weapon.

Recommended Builds

There are no modifications available for the FN57, as it is a capsule weapon.



  • Due to the low damage (30), it is highly recommended to tap as fast as you can, as ROF is 10.20, far higher than any semi-automatic pistol.
  • The FN57's penetration is quite high, so use that to your advantage.

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  • The FN57 is pronounced as "Five Seven".
  • The model present ingame is the Five-SeveN USG or U.S Government.
    • Though unrelated to AVA, the Five-SeveN is the favorite weapon of choice of Sam Fisher, a videogame character from the "Splinter Cell" series, as according to his friend Victor Coste in Splinter Cell: Conviction, in which the same USG model is also present; it also debuts in this installment of the series for the first time as the actual Five-seveN rather than its fictional counterpart from the last four and sixth installments of the series known as the "SC-I5 Pistol/SC Pistol".


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