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The HK417 Jiao is a Mega Capsule Variant of the HK417.


The HK-417 is an easy to use automatic sniper rifle with excellent rate of fire. This gun is commonly mistaken as a semi-sniper, but if you hold the left click on your mouse it's fully automatic. While it's damage is amongst the lowest, it's stability and rate of fire more than makes up for it. It's a strong 2 shot kill weapon: guaranteed to kill your opponent if both shots land on the torso with 3 shot kills being rare.



  • Quick scope (1 phase zoom)


  • Magazine Replacement II (-3.2 Recoil Control , -0.51 AutoFire, -5.3 Mobility, +10 Mag. Capacity)

Recommended Builds[]

For the HK417, players should use this weapon with the Magazine Replacement. With it's already quick 2-phase scope , it isn't worth equipping the quick scope as is actually slower than the default scope. The Magazine Replacement Trigger is recommended as it allows the player to stay in the fire fight for longer before having to reload, albeit it does worsen recoil and rate of fire slightly.