A.V.A Global Wiki


There are hidden stats in all of A.V.A's guns. They are not included in the statistics and can only be estimated. The hidden stats play a huge factor in determining a guns effectiveness. The types of hidden stats are penetration, knockback, draw time, reload speed, and zoom speed (For sniper rifles).


Penetration is the stat that determines if the bullet is affected by armor. A high penetration gun can damage opponents health directly instead of dealing with armor first. Sniper rifles feature the highest penetration, with some exceptions, and most weapons of the Pointman class have low penetration. A weapon with low penetration is very ineffective against armor and will destroy most of the armor before lowering health.


Knockback is responsible for pushing back the opponent. When a bullet hits a player their screen will shake, and that the amount the screen moves is determined by knockback. The higher the knockback, the more the opponent's aim will shift.

Draw time[]

Draw time is the stat that determines how fast a weapon can be drawn. A lower drawtime means a fast weapon deployment. Pistols have the fastest drawtime, and sniper rifles have the slowest.

Reload speed[]

Reload speed is the stat that determines how quickly a gun will reload. A lower time means that the weapon completes it reload in a shorter time. The shortest time goes to most of the pistols and SMGs, and the longest goes to sniper rifles and LMGs.

Scoping speed[]

Scoping speed if the speed that a sniper rifle can fully scope in. The stat varies with sniper rifles and scopes. Scopes can increase or decrease the sniper rifles scoping speed. This stat does not affect any weapons that have attachable scope. The sniper rifle that features the slowest scoping speed is the TPG-1, and the fastest belongs to the AWM.


The Bloom (or blooming) of a weapon is a Hidden Statistics which determine how wide open the crossairs can get when shooting, moving and jumping.