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Before the war, Ignis Scythe was originally designed melee attack weapon for a secret service agents in Europe. However, during the war it disappeared and many soldiers who started to believe it as a lucky charm.
  — Weapon Description 


The Ignis Scythe is a limited edition melee weapon which can only be obtained through events. It can usually be found in events hosted in the month of October, or through any other Tiered Spender event by Aeria Games. The statistics in the Ignis Scythe lie, as the Ignis Scythe does NOT have a 8 range when using the fatal slash (right mouse click). This weapon is considered over powered, as the statistics (even the damage) is far higher than top tiered melee weapons, such as the Boa Kukri. On the cosmetic side of the Scythe, it features a long wooden handle with a curved blade on the end, imprinted with "Trick or Treat". A pumpkin head lies between the handle and the blade. The Ignis Scythe is the only true "2 slash kill" melee weapon. Enemies cannot survive 2 slashes (left mouse click), since the damage is above 50 (53). Most melee weapons are under 50 damage.


  • Melee weapons cannot be customized.

Recommended Builds[]

  • Melee weapons cannot be customized.


  • Weapon (Flaming Scythe used from Infection mode; unfortunately it can be used by hackers in other game modes. In other versions of A.V.A., after killing a person with it, their corpse will be caught on fire.)


  • Use the fatal slash (or backslash; right mouse click), as it boosts the range a lot, while also doubling the damage.
  • Overall, the Ignis Scythe is over powered, so even if you just slash (left mouse click) your way through, it will still deal a lot of damage.

Notable Comparisons[]

  • Boa Kukri: The Ignis Scythe has 13 more damage (53 to 40), 1 more range (8 to 7), 1 less ROF (22 to 21), and 6 less mobility (70 to 76). The Boa Kukri is a great alternate melee weapon if the Ignis Scythe is not available, as they share similar statistics. However, the Boa Kukri still cannot compete with the Ignis Scythe when in a 1v1 melee duel.



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