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Operation: India
Date: August 25th, 2022
Location: Manufacturing facility in Jaisalmer, India
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
India Overview

EU Intelligence uncovers the presence of a VX nerve gas, a potent chemical weapon, in a manufacturing facility disguised as a crude oil mining and storing site of a multinational corporation in the city of Jaisalmer, India. The EU command center dispatches a special unit to the site to stop the production of VX. An intense battle erupts as the EU commandos lay siege to the facility.
  — Map Background 


India is one of the most played demolition maps in AVA. This is the most favorite map of many people, because of the perfect size and layout of this map.
The community created there own gamemode on this map which people call 'f3 no semi'. In this mode, only snipers are allowed and no semi snipers. Most of the time, non snipers will be kicked or team killed. This is the favourite mode of many people and is easy to train your sniping skills.

This map got a rework which only added cosmetic changes. This rework version is not yet added, but will probably available at a later stage.


Tips & Tactics[]


AVAグレ.com 「INDIA EU Side」 For Rifleman

EU Rilfeman Nade spots


AVAグレ.com 「INDIA NRF Side」 For Rifleman

NRF Rilfeman Nade spots