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"Don't let them find you! Do what it takes to survive!"
- EU Squad Leader


Infection is a game mode in which players must defeat the infected players. The host infection player is chosen randomly by the game and then must attack/convert regular players into infected players. The Infected move significantly faster than regular players and retain three times the health of regular players. Humans will have to collaborate in order to survive or die alone in this zombie outbreak while awaiting extraction.


Infected: Infect all the humans

Humans: Destroy all the infected or survive until time runs out.

The round ends when:

  • All humans are infected
  • All host infections are destroyed
  • Time is up

How Scores are Accumlated[]

  • When an EU Soldier kills a Host, 2 points are awarded
  • When an EU Soldier kills a Normal Infected, 1 point is awarded
  • When an EU Soldier survives a round, 2 points are awarded
  • When an Infected succesfully infects an EU Soldier, 1 point is awarded
  • When the Infected successfully infect all humans, 1 point is awarded


Game Mode - Infection - Dark Chamber

Infections maps are not identical to their Escort or Demolition counterparts. The domain is restricted and new areas are accessible.


Air-dropped supplies are dropped at various but certain locations throughout the map after set time intervals.

Possible supplies:

  • Health (Green case) (Uncommon)
  • Ammo
  • Red Tiger / Brown Leopard Machine Gun (Rare)

Game Mechanics[]

Host infections have 3 bars of health, normal infections only have 2. These are not equivalent to human bars of HP.

The green bar under an infected's name tag indicate how much total HP they have left.

The infected do regenerate HP in any map other than Dark Chamber. The host infect has a skill (F) that increases it's speed. It is presumed to be an adrenaline rush because it increases speed for a short duration of time. It has a lengthy cooldown time, and it is only recommended that the host uses it when chasing down a pointman or is attempting to penetrate a heavy defense. 

Human do not die from one hit unless is is with the secondary attack (right-click) or it is to the head, and the helmet does not save them. Infection armor lowers the damage taken by 40%, so it may take much more hits if a human has that equipped. 

Any damage inflicted on the infected will push them back.

Normal infected jumps higher and run faster (except for pointman equiped with a 95 mobility pistol) than a normal human.

Host infected are faster, jump higher, and attack faster than the normal infected.

Press "n" for nightvision, or infection vision. Infection vision is unrestricted while human nightvision is limited. 

Watch your sensor as it will tell you how far away the closest infected is, even if you can't see them. It beeps faster the closer it is. It is an important tool for survivors since the infected have a range of 2m (without lag). Sometimes when a player lags, the range will increase to 4m.

Player Models[]

Game Mode - Infection - Women

Infected female player model

Game Mode - Infection - Guy

Infected male player model


  • All Host models are female, and all Normal models are male, so in a sense you can get a sex change when infected, regardless of gender.
  • Host infections use the female model, every other infection uses the male model.
  • The NRF are currently not a playable faction in Infection. This leads to speculation that they are the cause of the outbreak.
    • However, there is an occurrence where some EU members appear as NRF character models. This may speculate that the two factions are teaming up to survive.
  • The voice commands for Infection are noticeably different than the voice commands of every game type. The soldiers show more fear and urgency when they speak.

Suggested Advice[]

  • The FN TPS can force zombies back the farthest, in the Dark Chamber, FN TPS is highly effective at the pool, as when they try to jump, you can shoot them from below and they go flying, literally. The chances are, when they land, they fall into the water.
  • One headshot from a strong shotgun such as the Saiga12, Spas-15 and FN TPS leaves a normal infected player with 2 bars of HP remaining at 0-5m.
  • Using infection kits such as the Special Weapon l and ll, Infection Armour and Increased health greatly increases chances of survival. 
  • It's best to outmanoeuvre an infected player when in a tight position, this can be a valuable asset if practised well.
  • Try and aim for the head when using weapons, a rifle such as the XM8 can kill a normal infected player with one clip,
  • Try and make the players form a group against the infected, such as the Cave in Dark Chamber. Outmanoeuvring is a key skill.
  • Other players having a high Ping MMS are a disadvantage to you, NEVER engage an infected player with a ping higher than 70, this will make you register damage when the player is attacking from 5-10m!
  • With good skills - outmanoeuvring skills scores like these will be achieved:
  • Weapon's such as the Blue Skull,Cr-21 and the AK-47 Predator have chemically treated bullets that gives them more stopping power against the zombies

    Female Zombie Interface

The Basics[]

First of all you must know some basic information.

1-The Pointman equipped with a high mobility weapon runs faster than The Nurse (also called The Host, The Original and The Queen but for future reference it will be named The Nurse) and therefore faster than any Normal Infected.

2-The Nurse will outrun you if she decides to use her special ability. She runs faster and it is possible that she will deal more damage. There is no way for a survivor to know for sure if a Nurse used her special ability other than seeing her running faster.

3- Every main weapon has a stopping power powerful enough to push infected back, though some are better than others. Since the stopping power is determined by the number of bullets that hit the infected, some weapons are better than the others.

-Shotguns. At close range they are the most powerful weapon against infected. Many pellets (in a shotgun shell) are shot at once. The closer the infected is, the further he'll go when he is shot. Shotguns are the most effective weapon overall. A professional player with the skill to correctly use a shotgun such as the FN TPS, Saiga12, Spas-15 and to a lesser degree the Striker12 are deadly. the biggest drawback may be the low mobility of the shotgun, but that can be remedied by switching to a high mobility pistol. At 4m 2-4 at the torso sector will kill a normal infected player. One headshot is enough to kill a normal infected at 0-2m. Although in all fairness outrunning and out maneuvering an infected player is a good tactic when your ammunition supply diminishes. 

-Assault rifle. They are the most used weapons of this mode, basically because they are all around pretty good. With a good balance of stats, the assault rifle is the multitasking class of the weapons. Some of the assault rifles are light and allow for speed rivaling the infected and will often keep their firepower. The best weapon to use might be the SA58 Para due to its High damage, high rate of fire and high mobility. Out of all of the weapons, the assault rifle is the most reliable at keeping the enemy at bay, though the The only down side is that they will run out of ammo quickly. For a novice, it would be the best choice. -Light Machine Guns/LMGs - The LMGs are a recently added subcategory of weapons to the Rifleman class. The first LMG released, the MG4KE was very impractical because of the slow ROF its 50 round upgrade. With the release of the M249 SAW Red Tiger, the LMGs have more expectations now. The LMGs have a large ammo capacity, high damage, high ROF and decent accuracy, but their drawbacks are their horrible moveshot and stability. The LMG should not be used in any role other than heavy support. 

-SMG's They are weaker than the assault rifles, have shorter range and waste ammo at a faster rate. Their greatest feat is their light weight and rate of fire. The SMGs will be commonly seen in the game by those who enjoy running, or have all of their pointman running skills unlocked. The greatest feat of a master pointman who uses lightweight SMGs is their insane running speed and amazing maneuverability. Pointmen will often be the hardest class to kill in the game because they can only be caught by a Nurse using the adrenaline boost. They will often be lone wolves, scouts or decoys.

-Sniper rifle. They are no good in this mode. The only possible way for it to be useful is: if you are in a defended zone, you can take the infected out. They will be taking damage from anywhere therefore forcing them to hide. It's still very unreliable in a fight. If a sniper has reliable teammates, then the defense might be impenetrable because a headshot from a sniper rifle is very powerful.


When playing Infection you might have notice that there are some places the players will go often. Here is a guide on where and how to go to these places.

There are 4 types of defensive positions:

  1. Push Back Type: The safest type of them all. It's a place where you don't need to kill the incoming infected, you only need to interrupt them in their movement in way so they will fall. It requires less ammo and generally there is a way out of those places.
  2. Defensive Type: The infected will have a hard time to get to you. The defensive position include a bottleneck and some infected cadaver. The big idea is to kill the infected that you attacked in a bottleneck. It's very effective but requires a lot of ammo and more people.
  3. Hiding Type: A dark corner, a corn field, a forgotten place on a map. Those are all good hiding spots. The idea of hiding spot is to be invisible to the naked eye, unfortunately the infected have an vision that allows them to see darker areas. It's a good emergency idea, if nobody saw you go there, of course. 
  4. Boss: Full infection gear: Infection Special Weapon ll, lnfection Camo ll, increased Health and a strong weapon - preferably a Pointman Weapon such as a Saiga12 - This is the HARDEST type to learn, soloing and attempting to kill an infected player while outmaneuvering multiple infected at one time may seem impossible but it is entirely possible with good practice. 
  5. Lone Wolf: The lone wolf is a player that decides that staying with others is a horrible idea. The idea of being a lone wolf is to minimize their presence and wait for the match to end. Lone wolfs will be the hardest to catch earlier in the game because they will nab a rarely used hiding spot and run the moment they are spotted. Pointmen are always lone wolves because of the high mobility and the silencers. They will often be seen carrying SMGs, but rarely will you find a shotgun user. Shotgun users may or may not carry lightweight pistols that can equip silencers and use them for traveling. A suitable setup for a lone wolf is any 90+ mobility SMG that can be silenced, Winchester M1887S (For knockback), Infection armor, no main armor, Lieutenant Beret, EB08 combat boots, XP06 protector, DU50724 Goggles, MK3A2 grenade, M116A1 Flash Grenade and AN-M8 HC Smoke grenade. The loadout focuses on running away and using the grenades as methods of escaping. The goggles will prevent loss of sight for you when using flashbangs. The loadout is very expensive to use, but is very effective.

Dark Chamber[]

There are not so many places where survivors can go to defend themselves since this map is the smallest. But if the survivors are organized, they are to be feared.

The main ones.

  1. First of all, the swing. The swing is a moving platform leading to an excellent defensive position. Players will go on the second floor and shoot any infected that tries to get on the swing. The infected will fall down. Depending on the number of survivors involved this position, it can acheive victory. Be careful, The Nurse can jump the gap without the help of the swing if she uses her Rage. There is also an emergency solution, if the infected would happen to cross the gap. By jumping on a big pipe on the side of the building, survivors can go in the corner of the pipe. This is a good pushback/defence spot. Though, any good player within the other team will be able to hit the survivors on the long run. Its a good emergency choice.
  2. There is another pushback position in this map: The Pool. The Pool refers to a pool of water that kills anyone that falls in it. But there is a downside: There is a lot of ways in: The fire room and the side of the wall. Further more the pool itself have many ways in, but they're all pushback spots. But the best part for this place is the fact that there are ammo and health packs. Humans can use them but infected can't.
  3. The third main spot is: The Cave. The cave is a Defence spot. You have to crouch to be able to enter the cave. It doesn't make much of a diference since in AVA you can run while being crouched. It is very efficient... for a while. The big advantage of being in the cave is that infetced cannot hide in a blind spot for long. Survivors will throw grenades or shoot them through the windows. Also ammo boxes and the M249 Leopard sometimes spawn inthe cave thus giving a second wind for the survivors. The downside is there is no escaping the cave. Well it happens sometimes, but it's rare. A good number to expect survival in a 16 players game would be around 8 to 10 survivors. If there are more survivors than that, infected have no chance of winning.

4.The last thing to attempt is boss/commando mode. The map is small which makes it hard to hide, but it is also very oriented for solo since there are many obstacles to get pass. Due to the nature of the second level of the map, shotguns can push infected off the platforms, making them very valuable. 

Burning Temple[]

This map has the most hiding spots out of all of the maps. Ranging from power lines to wine cellars, the Burning Temple is a good hiding map. There are four recommended spots in Burning Temple, with one spot being almost impenetrable. 

1) Window ledge is one of the hardest ones to reach. It requires a player to slowly walk out of a building via window and land on the wooden cover. The player must then jump to the right side of the building and reach the ledge. That spot is very hard to reach and puts the soldiers at a very good spot to shoot infecteds. The infected cannot reach the spot due to the precise movements required, and the soldiers bullets. The biggest weakness of the ledge is zombie grenades. The player cannot move from his small spot and can easily be infected by a grenade. 

2) The wine cellar is an ideal stronghold that is very hard to breach. The wine cellar room has one entrance and exist so the soldiers only need to defend that area, allowing for maximum defense. Supplies spawn outside of the room, which is a good thing if the infected are not there. The only con is the fact that is has no fallback option, and zombie grenades. The infected can easily throw a grenade inside and infect a player, destroying the defense from the inside. 

3) The power line is a gamble to take. The power lines is a really easy place to reach, but can proove hard to get to if the players are skilled. The power line has two types of fallback routes, jumping off the lines and jumping on the wall lamp. The power line is attached to the rooftop, so the only way infected can reach is via ladder or broken building walls. The infected can easily be pushed back or knocked off because of the small walking space of the wire. From below, poorly aimed grenades can miss players, making it somewhat grenade proof. The only real threat to the power line defense is the nurse infected. The nurse can use the speed boost and jump right into the defense and infect the soldiers. 

3) Third floor opening is the most hardest place to reach, for both soldiers and infected. The place is only accessable by a precise fall from the rooftop. The third floor is almost impossible to get into for infected once soldiers camp there. The infected's only hope of infecting the camping soldiers is with a zombie grenade. The third floor is the most effective hiding spot, and most players in there have a high chance of winning. 

Dual Sight[]

Dual sight is a military base map. The lower level is inaccessable, which means that hiding is much more harder. There are a few places to hide or set up the defense, as the map has easy places to access. Most of the spots require a decent defense that will hold the infected back. 

1) Satellite dish roof is one of the more common spots. It is one of the easiest to reach and is quite hard to penetrate if the defense is very well done. It can be accessed by one way for soldiers while infected can access it from two ways. Though both can be accessed by players if they have the item Infection Increased Jumping which can be found in Backpack D.The greatest pro of this defense the chance of it spawning the M249 SAW on the roof, and the supply boxes. This defense if very fearsome if left unattended to because one of the players might pick up the M249 SAW. The biggest con is that the infected can easily reach it because of the defenses reliance on defense from two places.

2) Barrels and Truck is the most secluded part of the map where few infected bother to go. The barrels cannot be reached by normal means and it can only be accessed by doing a specific jump. A running jump will not allow one to reach the top of the barrels unless they are the nurse. The pro of this is that most people turn a blind eye to that spot, while con is that it can easily be accessed by infected. Infected can reach if they have the Infection Increased Jump upgrade. There is a lamp which is accessable, but it is not advised due to the dangers of being easily hit with a jump attack. 

3) The last hiding spot is a platform on the second floor. It can be called the 'third floor', but it is a platform that is accessable through by metal plate near the sandbags. The platform is a spot that is in plain sight, but it is very hard to reach. There is only one entrance and once soldiers set up a defence, it will be hard to advance. Infected cannot jump on the platform, not even the nurse can. The pro of this defence is the requirement to breach the defence, since soldiers have a clear shot on the infected, and the con is that no supply boxes spawn on the platform, meaning the ammo is limited.  The platform can be accessed by the nurse without the help of the metal plate - if she has the item Infection Increased Jump.


Infection Commands[]


These quotes are what the players actually speak, not as what was written in the command menu. There are currently 2 types of vocals for each command, 3 for the taunt.

1.) A good offense is the best defence! Attack!


2.) Survival is our priority. Hide!

Don't let them find you. Do what it takes to survive!

3.) Calling for backup! They're heading this way!

They're coming! Call for backup!

4.) Secure the defensive position first!

Huffer down and hold them at all cost!

5.) We secured our defensive position! Form up here!

Don't let them take this position! Cover me!

6.) They broke through the perimeter! RUN!