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Armor is equipment or visual apparel that a player can buy for their soldier in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Armor can grant bonuses to the player's character and also change the appearance of a player's soldier. The Weapon Shop has a large and diverse amount of equipment in stock, which can be bought for either Euros or premium currency.


Name price Bonus Image
Change Nickname 300 Ava Medal N/A
Euro Booster 100% 60 Ava Medal (7 days) 100% Euro Booster on matches
EXP UP 100% 60 Ava Medal (7 days) 100% EXP Booster on matches
Primary Ammo A 400 euro (1 day) 1 extra magazine primary weapon
PrimaryAmmo A
Secondary Ammo A 400 euro (1 day) 1 extra magazine secondary weapon
Secondary Ammo A
Increase Magazine 1.500 euro (7 days)
Smart Aim 1.900 euro (7 days) will be able to use crosshair while running
Smart aim
Arms upgrade 50 AVA Medal (7 days) Infection: 25% reload speed and 20 additional magazine capacity
PVP: 3% reload speed, SMG + 3, Shotgun + 1, AR + 2, SR + 1, Pistol +3 bullets
Arms upgrade

Weapon Pass[]

The in-game shop contains multiple weapon passes. You will get the specific weapon for 30 days to use. If you complete all the missions during that 30 days, the weapon will be permanent in your inventory. Weapon pass is available in the shop for 65.000 euros. Weapon passes available: