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M67 Grenade
M67 Origin
Weapon: M67 Grenade
Type: Fragmentation Grenade
Country of Origin: (US) United States of America
Popularity: Very High
Euro(s): 700
Ava Medal: N/A
Quantity: 1
Damage: 100
Range: 30
Mobility: 80
Weight: 400g
Hidden Stats
Penetration: Armor only
Draw Time: ~0.3s
Delay / Duration: 4s

This is model is a replacement of M61 which was used in Vietnam War. Contained splinters scatter around with explosion causing substantial damage. Ordinary soldiers can throw up to 40m. Effective range is around 15m and lethal range is 5m but splinters may spread out up to 230m.
  — Weapon Description 


The M67 is probably the most common grenade used by players. The M67 causes damage to those within 5m of the blast. Despite its lethal range, the M67 does take a rather long time to detonate (roughly 4 seconds), which gives enemies enough time to get out of the blast radius and live. The M67 comes in two types; the standard M67 and the "Supply" M67, which perform almost identically with the supply grenade having a higher mobility. The M67 is circular and green.



  • Throwing it at enemy crowds may cause major or fatal injuries.
  • It stops the enemy when it's thrown in their way.
  • While it's 15 or less seconds left untill c4 detonates and there's only one EU player alive versus multiple NRF players, the EU player can throw the M67 nearby c4 or cook it and wait.


  • The M67 is currently the only grenade to not feature text or any decoration upon its surface.

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