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[AK-47 Black Snake]Soldiers carrying this weapon are recognized members of the Alliance Lobby. They are hit men who strike only if paid alccordingly. Its overwhelming appearance reflects superior performance and extreme luxury. This weapon can not be picked up by other soldiers.
  — Weapon Description 

The AK-47 Black Snake is a skinned version of the MA-47. It was obtainable via an in game package for 1.200 AVA Medals. It was called Black Snake Package and also contained the Desmodus Black Snake, Hatchet Black Snake and M67 Black Snake.


This gun was the jackpot from Mega Capsule Season 4 in previous version of AVA, and to this time it was considered to be extremly overpowerd, but by todays standarts it is just a skind and performs exactly the same as the MA-47



Ava Global Burst Barrel
Increases rate of fire but decreases accuracy
-2.0 Accuracy, -1.2 Auto Fire ACC, +0.17 Auto Fire

Ava Global Reinforced Barrel
Increases power by reinforcing rifling but decreases recoil conrol and spray capability
+2.0 Attack, -1.3 Auto Fire ACC

Recommended Builds

  • Burst Barrel



  • The AK-47 Black Snake, while encompassing the damage of a SA58 Para, is relatively easy to use. Previous AK-47 or Para users will not encounter any difficulty in controlling this weapon.
  • Burst in short, yet fast 3-4 shot salvos.
  • Do not attempt to move too much, as bloom is still present in this gun.
  • As with any gun, aiming for the head if possible is considerably advantageous, as this is a one-shot kill to the head. However, the Black Snake possesses such high damage that aiming for the head is generally not a necessity.

Notable Comparisons

  • SA58 Para: Both guns possess some of the best damage, DPS, and popularity in the game.
  • AK47 Mk.4: The two are basically the same, although the Mk.4 possesses 4 less damage points and Dont have the Extra Damage Feauture.



A.V.A 戰地之王 AK47-Black Snake 幽闇冥牙 Recoil Test 彈道測試

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