A.V.A Global Wiki
Weapon: MK3A2
Type: Fragmentation and Flash Grenade
Country of Origin: 22px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg United States
Popularity: Very High
Euro(s): 700 1 day
Ava Medal: N/A
Quantity: 1/0
Damage: 100
Range: 15
Mobility: 80
Weight: N/A
Hidden Stats
Penetration: N/A
Draw Time: N/A
Delay / Duration: N/A


The MK3A2 is a type of grenade which features a shorter fuse time than the normal grenade. This grenade is very hard to escape because of its very short fuse time and has a much higher possibility of scoring a grenade kill than the normal grenade. On impact, the MK3A2 will briefly flash an opponent for a short amount of time. However, the MK3A2 is much more expensive than the normal grenade and has a significantly shorter blast radius than its predecessor. It is purchasable via the the Euro Shop.

It is advised to use this with a Pointman/Sniper class rather then a Rifle Man class due to the Rifle Man's further grenade throws. It also advised to use this grenade in locations where enemies tend to cluster or be in often so that the fuse time will be their demise.


  • MK3A2 Neon Shield
  • Mk3A2 Picnic