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Generally, masks are used for their abilities or just for appearance and customization. Most masks are just for looks, but there are some masks that provide special abilities and perks. Some masks will not appear on certain character skins because of the mask has not been made with that character model at all yet. Most notably, the female character skins.

Masks are categorized into three main categories:

Special Ability - May provide combative perks or additional benefits

Lucky Shot Bonus - Increase Euro reward amount after completing a match

Cosmetic - Just for customization

The other few are simply obtained either from promotional events or rewarded in-game for free.


Name price Bonus Image
Frogman Mask 700 euro (7 days) 3% lucky shot
Frogman Mask shop
Viper Mask 700 euro (7 days) N/A
Viper Mask shop
Joker Mask 700 euro (7 days) N/A
Joker Mask shop
Face Guard 700 euro (7 days) 3% lucky shot
Face Guard shop
Respirator 700 euro (7 days) 3% lucky shot
Respirator shop
CU686 Goggles 700 euro (7 days) N/A
Goggles shop


Face Guard inventory