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Melee Weapons might seem insignificant in a first person shooter game like Alliance of Valiant Arms, but there is a purpose for a knife. That purpose is to be used as a last resort option especially if the individual ran out of ammunition or vice versa, they do want to save ammunition and still defend themselves, or for being stealthy in a situation.

However, Infection camo I, Infection camo II, Camouflage ST, provide 25% protection against melee damage. Although, it is proven that the Uniform category of the armor will protect the individual from both explosion and melee damage. Another fact is that, gloves can increase damage to melee and increase accuracy when shooting a firearm.

There are currently 3 weapon types for melee, short ranged, medium ranged, and long ranged. Each weapon has it's specific ROF, damage, accuracy, and mobility. These factors make the weapon's specific usage.

Stats of the different groups:

Stats and Category

Short Range

Medium Range

Long Range

Damage 35-55 35-60 55-60
RoF 25-29 20-26 20-26 (71 with Red Slasher)
Range 4-5 6-7 8-11

List of Melee Weapons[]


Every soldier has one in their inventory.