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Museum front
Operation: Museum
Date: N/A
Location: Narva, Estonia
Mission: Sniper Annihilation
Map Overview
Museum map overview

The sudden disappearance of Eric Chang Nivelle, a Chinese-Belgian who is an officer and board member of the munitions company Tyrrell Deckard, who was investigated by the EU intelligence agency for allegedly cooperating with the NRF forces.

The EU intelligence agency, which was tracking him in his disappearance, focused on his private residence and private collection museum in the outer part of the Estonian city of Narva, and sent a special 820 brigade reconnaissance sniper team to try to get clues.

However, the EU Intelligence Service Special 820 Brigade, which was sent in, encountered an NRF special body forced reconnaissance team that was also rushed to remove him from his disappearance.

The sudden encounter left both sides baffled, but soon a fierce firefight began, and the fierce battle was only expanding with the sequential introduction of support forces.
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Because it is a structure that often encounters enemies at a medium distance, sniper firearms that do not require sting are likely to play an active part!

Lead your team to victory by pushing enemy teams and moving aggressively!



【2016-1-27】新狙撃殲滅マップ「MUSEUM」 PV

Museum trailer