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NHN Corporation
NHN Logo
Company Name: NHN Corporation
Date Established:
Global ~ 1999
USA July 29, 2005
Korea ~ 1999
Japan September 04, 2000
China January, 2004
Global South Korea
USA Irvine, California
Korea Bundang-gu, Sungnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Japan Oosaki Shinagawa, Tokyo
China N/A
Core Business: Online game & platform development

Online game publishing

Online game portal operation
Global http://www.nhncorp.com/
USA http://www.nhnusainc.com/
Korea http://www.nhncorp.com/
Japan http://www.nhncorp.jp/
China http://www.nhncorp.cn/

NHN Corporation is Korea's premier Internet company, operating the nation's top search portal, Naver (www.naver.com) the leading online game portal, Hangame (www.hangame.com) the nation's largest children's portal, Jr. Naver (jr.naver.com), Korea’s the first online donation portal, Happybean (happybean.naver.com) and microblog service Me2DAY (http://me2day.net/).

Starting from the two business pillars of search and games, NHN has rolled out a wide range of innovative and convenient online services that enable people to enjoy their lives. A number of surveys demonstrate that the company is regarded as an undisputed leader in the online services industry worldwide.

NHN has emerged as Korea’s largest Internet company in terms of net profit. This outstanding growth is largely attributable to the company's efforts to create and introduce stable revenue streams in its core services; for instance, search-oriented advertising services and fee-based games.

NHN outgrew the confines of the national borders. Not only did we build a good reputation in Japan and China, but we also set up NHN USA, forging toward becoming a world-class internet company.

Our key mission is to connect users with the best quality services. To that end, NHN remains fully committed to pioneering state-of-the-art technologies based on our continued R&D in technology.