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The Neo Russian Federation or simply NRF is one of the two factions in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Their enemy is the European Union.


The soldiers of the NRF have a blue uniform in battle.

In-game, the soldiers of the NRF appear as the defending team in Demolition and Escort.

Snipers always have a beanie hat regardless of what helmet a player uses. The only exception are berets, hats, and specific masks such as the Pumpkin Mask.



  • The spawn color of the NRF is red, most likely in reference to the communist regime they serve under. Ironically enough, this completely contrasts the color of their uniform, blue, a color commonly associated with democracy.
  • Despite being the default villain faction of the game, the common NRF soldier has no characteristics that label him as "evil." The leadership NRF soldier serve under, however, has time and again been seen as evil in many of the AI Missions which are created from their actions.
  • The leader of the NRF is said to be Paniflov.