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If you need help editing pages then read the following documentation Editing.

Wikia Event

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We at the A.V.A Wikia follow a set of strict Templates to create order in a battle torn wikia!
To add a template select from one of the appropriate templates:

and then place the code provided in the page your editing.

Weapon Page Information (Guidelines)

For quality content each page should have a Template:Weapon with at least 60% of the content filled (Can vary since some guns don't have the stats. Also the kill-feed icon is really not a big deal but nice to have).

Each page should have these basic sections

==Recommended Builds==
==Notable Comparisons==

Each page should have this template at the bottom:


Each page should have the appropriate categories:


[[Category:Sniper rifles]]



You can add cool gallery effects by simply using the following code:

<gallery type="slideshow" widths="300">


Just list some files like so:

<gallery type="slideshow" widths="300">
Blah 2.jpg
Blah 3.jpg
Blah 4.jpg

Now you have a gallery! You can also create Sliders:

<gallery type="slider" widths="600">
Blah 2.jpg
Blah 3.jpg
Blah 4.jpg

Add Sound Files

In order to add an audio file to the wikia you need to use the .ogg format a.k.a Ogg Vorbis.

Then use this code to add it:


Need an OGG Converter? http://www.google.com/search?q=ogg+converter


If you are providing data from another site, other then the A.V.A Wikia it's always suggested to provide a reference link.

This is done in a two step process.

1)Source the material by placing the ref tags next to the item you wish to reference, with the info you would like user to see at the bottom of the page, this text will be hidden in the main article, so don't worry if it looks like it will mess-up your article.

<ref> </ref>


==A.V.A is the most awesome game in the world! <ref>A.V.A is awesome [http://www.somerandomsitelinkishere.domain/ Name the link here]==
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2)Place the code to show the reference material at the bottom of the page.


Your done!

More to come

As the wikia grows am sure we will add a better tutorial but for now that's the basics, enjoy!