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A modern combat pistol designed by Walther of Germany. This model boasts stability and reliability due to the use of a double action firing mechanism. Used by the German national reserve in WWII, the P38 is still a popular choice for a secondary weapon today.
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The Walther P38 is a German pistol in A.V.A. It was added in the [placeholder] content update.


This pistol is definitely the fastest DPS pistol in AVA, but also definitely the lowest range. It's one of the few pistols that can get a 2 shot chest along with the (Silver) Desert Eagle, Colt SAA, Python 357 and Luger P-08. The pistol is just useless when coming to more than 10 meters so this is only recommended for decent (or better) sniper since if they get tanked they need a few quick shots to finish them and if they are in a close combat quarter they can pull this pistol due the extreme DPS in CQC and this pistol has a decent reload but very quick (and sexy) switchtime. If this pistol had more than "15.6" range, it would undoubtedly be overpowered.



  • A related pistol (the Walther PPK) Is the sidearm James Bond is commonly associated with.
  • The Walther P38 is the sidearm used by Lupin from the Lupin the III series.

Methods of aquisition

  • 10,11or12 boxes in Prison Break-Survival (1day,3days or 7days)


This pistol is very low in range so try to get as close as possible before engaging



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