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Penetration is a hidden stat that represent the capacity of a weapon to penetrate protections.

What it does?[]

  • Penetration is used to ignore any obstacle on the course to the body of your enemy.
  • If a weapon could have infinite penetration, it would totally ignore the armor of the target, and directly start depleeting health.
  • Higher penetration also mean the bullet can go through obstacle, such as thin walls, windows, or even other enemies!
  • A Weapon with very high penetration can usually One-Hit-KO when the bullet is strategically placed in the face of the target.

The Rules[]

If you don't like studying, consider Sniper Rifle has the highest penetration, then rifles, then smg, then shotguns and pistols. But...

  • The real rule depends on the speed which the bullet hit its target. Therefore, weapons with slow initial speed (usually smaller caliber) will have lower penetration. Better start learning the type of cardrige for every weapon in the game for maximum knowledge (Yay!) Also, as in the real world, AVA feature a simuliation of the friction, which they call Range. If this stat is really high, the bullet will start slowing down after a signifigant travelling, compared to a weapon having low range, which will quickly lose speed.
  • It is reliable to look directly at the range of the weapon to determine its penetration. Usually these will be close togheter.