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Masters of Close-Range Combats - The Pointman

Highly mobile soldiers optimized for close-range assaults, Point Men are very effective when scouting, flanking, or ambushing enemy troops.
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The Point Man (often referred to as "Pointman") is one of the three player classes in Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Point Man

Point Man (PM) weapons are all chosen for their Close Quarters Combat (CQC) proficiency. Shotguns, SMGs, and Carbines are the PM's weapons of choice. PM weapons are chosen for their high rate of fire and mobility rather than damage and range. One exception to this is the shotguns, which possess high damage, though at the cost of firing rate and range. SMGs are generally used in close to mid range fighting where high rate of fire is more valuable than accuracy, but there are Carbine-type weapons which bridges the gap between SMGs and Assault Rifles. For the sake of simplicity, Carbines are listed alongside the SMGs in this wiki.

Examples of PM weaponry include the MP7A1, Uzi, Remington870 and PP-19 Vityaz SN.

The Point Man is the only class that can equip and remove a silencer on their primary weapon in-game. Doing so increases bloom slightly (often negligibly), and lowers range (up to half) and damage unless the Advanced Silencer mod is equipped. However, it also removes you from the enemies map completely unless they manually spot you, and lets you take enemies by complete suprise even if your first shots miss (to spot, aim at the enemy so their name comes up in red). Thus, Pointmen could be viewed as a CQB/stealth package, although they are rarely seen taking on this role.

Note that Silencers are not available for all weapons, nor is it exclusive to this class. However, they are still extremely rare, and non-PM weapons that can implement them are either integrated or must be modded, namely the ASW 338 and XM2010 ESR. Weapons with integrated silencers do NOT suffer a range penalty, and are often good at medium range combat, though they also tend not to have good damage. Select pistols can also attatch and remove silencers, but it is yet to be proven whether they have the same debuffs.

Though not directly concerning the Point Man, the Rifleman class has a skill which boosts defense. Since the Point Man gains no (gun-based) damage boost to compensate, this generally puts Pointmen at a disadvantage when facing them unless the Point Man has a weapon with high DPS or high penetration (the latter of which is rare), making only a few of the Point Man Weapons useful without good familiarity.

Some of the best Point Man weapons include the MP7A1, Space Invader and Remington870 (all considered "top tier"), and the UZI PRO (the runner-up). Some generally not recommended weapons include the KAC PDW and K1A1.

At CGO #4 (Mar. 26th/27th, 2011), A clan named "KTop" using the Point Man class instead of Sniper during whole Tournament impressed lots of PM users. This so called Fast&Furious method is stilll being discussed by the old gamers. KTxBullGoM, who was a clan leader of the KTop and the Point Man participated on the Tournament made the best use of speed of Point Man as a role of recon scout. Nevertheless, "KTop" clan was awarded the second place of the CGO Tournament. Ever since, the Point Man class has been used more in the competitive scene, utilizing the extra smoke grenade that it carries for tactical purposes.

The Point Man is used almost exclusively during Prison-themed AI missions (Death Valley, PB: Survival, etc.) because of their faster movement and increased magazine capacity. Weapons like the MP7A1 are recommended.


Characters are available for 20.000 euros or 200 medals, which is for 30 days.


  • Highest movement speed of all classes
  • Most SMGs can attach a silencer for stealth kills
  • Better melee capabilities
  • Reduced falling damage capabilities
  • Generally has the lowest bloom of all classes
  • On average, has a higher DPS in close range than other classes
  • The most variety in playstyle between weapon types

Pointmen are known for their speed and lethal CQB abilities.


  • The Point Man's damage is very low at range, leaving Point Man players vulnerable in the open.
  • Riflemen utilizing the higher level defense skills can potentially outdo the Point Man at its designated range.

Class Skills

Name Requirement Reward
Run speed increase LV1
Achieved upon creation of character No reward
Running Expert:
Run speed increase LV2
Staff Sergeant 2 No reward
Running Master:
Run speed increase LV3
Sergeant First Class 2 No reward
Trained Landing:
Fall damage decrease
Corporal No reward
Crouch movement speed increase
Staff Sergeant 1 No reward
Trained Sprint:
Sprint speed increase
Staff Sergeant 5 No reward
Advanced Knife Attack:
Knife range increase
Private No reward
Sharp Knife:
Knife damage increase
Staff Sergeant 3 No reward
SMG Quick Reload:
SMG reload speed increase
Sergeant No reward
SMG Extra Ammo:
SMG ammo count increase
Staff Sergeant 4 No reward
Shotgun Quick Reload:
Shotgun reload speed increase
Private First Class No reward
Smoke Bomb Supplier:
Increase the amount of installed smoke bombs
Sergeant First Class 1 No reward
  • Note: Even if they state "SMG" in the actual skill names, Shotguns, SMGs and Carbines are all treated the same by AVA's reward system. Thus, it is fairly common to get a "SMG Headshot" Reward when using a shotgun. Also, "SMG Quick Reload" & "SMG Extra Ammo " skills also benefit Shotguns and Carbines along with SMGs.

Pointman SMG Statistics Comparison

Weapon Damage Range First Shot Accuracy Burst Accuracy Recoil Control Rate of Fire Magazine Size Mobility DPS
Bahamut 36.0 41.3 78.1 71.2 89.4 14.29 40 96.8 514.44
Desmodus 42.0 51.3 80.0 72.2 87.0 12.05 30 94.3 506.1
Guardian 34.0 46.2 79.5 72.6 91.5 12.20 30 96.8 414.8
Raven 39.0 42.1 85.6 75.4 89.7 13.89 25 96.8 541.71
Rok-1 39.5 49.9 84.0 79.1 91.7 11.76 30 93.2 464.52
SD5 40.5 44.1 86.9 80.8 88.9 12.35 30 94.7 500.18
Super V 40.5 43.6 78.2 77.9 91.8 12.99 31 95.0 526.1
VP5K 35.0 47.0 81.5 80.5 90.2 13.89 30 96.8 486.15
X950 39.0 44.7 81.4 79.0 92.4 12.20 50 92.1 475.8
Z95R 40.0 45.1 81.0 76.0 90.7 11.76 30 96.4 470.4

Pointman Shotgun Statistics Comparison

Weapon Damage Range First Shot accuracy Burst accuracy Recoil Control ROF Magazine Capacity Mobility DPS
870 43.0 x 8 30.1 63.9 N/A 37.4 1.82 7 84.3 626.1
SA-12 35.5 x 10 22.0 60.7 N/A 31.0 2.50 5 84.3 887.5
X-TPS 44.5 x 8 25.7 59.1 N/A 34.7 1.75 8 85.0 623


  • Since the Point Man is only deadly at close range, stick inside buildings.
  • Try to flank the enemy as much as possible. The Point Man is the best flanking class, and can be quite deadly.
  • Use the mobility to your advantage. The Point Man is the fastest class in the game.
  • If you are using voice chat, equip a silencer and scout behind enemy lines. The point man was designed not only for rushing and flanking, but for reconnaissance as well.