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Prison Break (Escape) is the mission mode of Prison Break, the main objective being getting to an evacuation helicopter. You and your team must escape a prison containing fugitives who have been exposed to chemical which causes them to act aggressively. However, fugitives will be trying to stop you.

Background Story[]

The EU have proved almost unstoppable in their counterattack against the NRF. In Countries around the world, NRF soldiers surrender and are taken into POW camps. Many have been put into a Ukrain Detention Center, and a temporary prison camp. Unknown to the EU there was an underground nuclear facility that was locked down due to contamination, a few weeks later, all the NRF prisoners go beserk.


  • The first part is taking down 200 prisoners in the main prison yard area. Once this has been done, a door (near the truck which players frequently camp on) will open. Close the door in order to proceed to the next round.
  • The second part takes place in the basement, the players must activate 4 controllers which will open the door to the exit of the round. Enemies will NOT stop spawning in the controller rooms until the controller has been activated; unleashing one final massive wave of enemies in the controller room once the controller has been activated.

IMPORTANT: When you first spawn into this round, there is a door on the left side of the room in which you spawn. This door leads to a small room with a table which either has a useless bucket or an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon on it. Keeping the M249 user alive should be the second highest priority, activating the controllers being the first highest. The M249 provides excellent cover fire while the controller activator is doing his job. The M249 should only be in the hands of a careful pro. There is a misconception that using the M249 SAW increases the difficulty on the level, do not believe this as the reason for most failed missons on the level is due to either the M249 user's incompetency with the weapon, or simply because the players themselves do not posses the experirence or skills required to complete the level.

  • The third and final part is split into three sections:
    • Firstly you will have to proceed through 4 seperate rooms, with fugitives regulary spawning in them.The only way to stop them from spawning is to move through the rooms, destroy the boards blocking the door on the opposite side on the room and proceed on to the next area, after which the fugitives will stop respawning.
    • In the second stage there will be a balcony with 4 armed prisoners engaging the players from the balcony. It is impossible to attempt to land on the balcony and trying to do so is foolhardy. 3 of the 4 armed fugitives will be using shotguns which are not very effective on the players, however the last fugitive is armed with a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher(RPG).He is the top priority for elimination as his attacks can be devastating and more often then not wipe out whole teams in a single blast. This fugitive is identifiable by the RPG he is wielding and his name is Constantine. A favourtie technique of eliminating the 4 armed fugitives is to use sniper rifles from the safety of the last room until the 4 armed fugitives are eliminated and then proceed on to kill the mob of swift fugitives and vicious fugitives in the room beyond. Another technique employed by more experienced players is to have riflemen stay within the safe room and shoot Constantine while a single pointman or rifleman moves up to a small alcove to the right of the room and kills Constantine from there. This technique is far more efficient as there is a metal grating in the safe room that lowers the damage of bullets fired to hit the armed fugitives while in the alcove no such barrier exists. It also allows the room to be cleared faster and to facilitate the planning for the final section while with the 1st technique the sniper can become a hindrance in the later stage. Once the 4 armed fugitives have been eliminated the area beyond will become unlocked and the players will have to kill every last fugitive in the room before proceeding.
    • In the third and final section, the players have to use moving lifts, jump into controller rooms, plant C4 charges in the controller room and move out before the charges blow. In the area below there will be a constantly respawning mob of fugitives which may proved to be an insurmountable obstacle without the use of strategies. There are 4 controller rooms placed above the mobs and it is there where the players will have to plant their bombs and leave. The most effective and only way of making it past this room is to use the "Luring" or "Baiting" technique. The player with the lowest ping will have to board the lift and move into one of the controller rooms, after which they should go to the edge of the room and begin using the "x9" radio command which will draw the mob to them and the rest of the players will be free to plant thier bombs. After all the controllers have been destroyed the gate leading to the escape helicopter will open. 4 more armed fugitives will emerge and the game will end when any of the players make it to the escape helicopter


Complete the 1st time to get 5000 Euros

1 Box = M67 Grenade (1 day)

1 Box = 100 euros

2 Box = 500 euros

3 Box = PPSH41 (7 days)

3 Box = STG44 (7 days)

Acquiring 100 of the Escape badges gives you 10K Euro


Enemy Types[]

There are 4 known enemy types in Prison Break (Escape)

  • Fugitives
  • Swift Fugitives
  • Vicious Fugitives
  • Armed Fugitives

The regular fugitives move at regular speed, wear blue clothing, and are not very hard to kill. They wield a variety of weapons such as knives, clubs, and trays.

The Swift fugitives, as the name suggests, move very fast (seemingly faster than a sprinting Point Man). These enemies are always moving, and jump very frequently, sometimes making them hard to shoot. They wear yellow clothing and use shovels as weapons.

The Vicious Fugitives are very tough, wearing red-orange clothing and wielding brutal fireaxes as weapons. These enemies take more ammo to kill than any other type (execpt Armed Fugitives), and also cause the highest amount of damage when the player is struck.

The Armed Fugitives carry a variety of firearms with them. Firearms used can range from a shotgun to an RPG-7. These enemies wear black clothing and have large amounts of HP. It takes about 2 full clips of a Assault Rifle or SMG to even kill one.

Prison Break 2[]

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