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Prison Break (LOCKDOWN)
Prison Break (Lockdown)
Operation: Prison Break (LOCKDOWN)
Date: October, 2010
Location: Prison facility in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Mission: A.I Mission (Survival)
Map Overview
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The EU set up a supply depot in an old military detention center in the old Yugoslavia. But the commander of this supply depot, who has been developing a strategic weapon in secret, set up a trap to eliminate the EU's special forces unit, which had been deployed there. The EU soldiers are locked in a secret underground detention facility with a legion of NRF prisoners infected with some type of biochemical agent. The prisoners are about to attack the EU soldiers. In this mission, players are automatically assigned to the EU against the AI-controlled NRF. The objective is to survive as long as possible while killing as many enemies as possible in the locked prison facility.
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Lockdown is an AI mission where a team of 4 players is locked inside a prison facility and must kill all enemies in order to move on into the next wave. Each round starts off with one gate opening, and eventually progressing to all gates being open. Toward the end of a wave, boss enemies emerge, armed with better weapons and much more HP than their minion predecessors. The round will automatically end if all the boss enemies die, even if their minions are still alive. At the end of each round, the team recieves a Mysterious Green Box.


  • Easy - 5 rounds
  • Normal - 6 rounds
  • Extreme - 26 rounds


Ammo - Boxes of ammo are randomly dropped by enemies upon their death. Green ammo boxes supply the player with one, Blue ammo boxes supply the player with two extra magazines of ammo for their primary weapon.

Health - First Aid Kits are randomly dropped by enemies upon their death. Each First Aid Kit replenishes near half of the player's health.

Mysterious Green Box - After each round completed, the team is rewarded with such a green box. At the end of the game (either completion or wipe-out), rewards given to players are determined by the number of green boxes the team managed to collect.


Standard - Blue prisoners armed with knives, clan knives, food plates, maces, etc. These enemies are extremely easy to kill and can sometimes die from a single shot. The only danger they pose is when multiple blue prisoners attack, surround, and mob the player.

Advanced - Orange prisoners armed with fire axes. These enemies take more shots to kill and cause more damage when they attack, but are slow, as they are only walking.

Swift - Yellow prisoners armed with shovels. These enemies move faster than all other enemies, and can be extremely deadly if not dealt with quickly.

Boss - Black prisoners armed with shovels, pistols, shotguns, and even grenades in the later rounds. They have the most HP out of all the enemies and players must work together in order to take them all out.



The player will not recieve any euros when completed for the first time and the rewards are completely random.


When Lockdown is beaten on Normal, the player will recieve 5000 Euros for their first completion and any other prizes recieved from the 6 green boxes collected.


If Lockdown is beaten on Extreme mode and all 26 green boxes are collected, the players are rewarded with a medal which gives 20,000 Euros. This is only a one time reward, as medals can only be earned once. Players also recieve 5000~6000 Supply Points (based on how many rounds they managed to stay alive, recieving an Endurance Badge for each) and a Desert Eagle Silver for 30-days. Unlike the medal, these rewards are given each and every time Extreme mode is completed and all 26 green boxes are collected, and the timer on the Desert Eagle Silver stacks up, adding another 30 days each time. Other prizes include a Viper Mask, and Clan Mask all for 7-Days. In Lockdown Extreme you can win:

  • Desert Eagle Silver
  • Clan Mask
  • Viper Mask
  • 1000Euros
  • 500 Euros
  • 100 Euros
  • 50 Euros
  • 10 Euros
  • AH07 Helmet
  • EA08 Kevlar
  • Camouflage A1
  • EG08 Gloves
  • Iyan CB105 Boots
  • EP08 Joint Protector
  • Ghost Gear Supply Kit
  • Total Mobility +2
  • Magazine Upgrade B
  • Magazine Upgrade A

Tips and Tricks[]

Lockdown in extreme(difficulty) is nearly impossible to win legitimately and even with 8 players (4 players default) as your comrades. There are glitches associated with this map and game mode which can lead to you and your teammates being victorious however, it is restricted to tell you how to utilize those glitches via this wiki.

General Tips: Play smart. Don't go spraying your bullets if you know many will miss. Only pick-up health kits when necessary so teammates who desperately need it have easy acess to them. Always keep on them move and watch your back to prevent becoming overwhelmed by enemies. Assist teammates in danger of becoming overwhelmed by shooting their enemies as well as your own. Try to stay away from teammates so that the enemy is divided amongst all players. Have a reliable secondary with a high ammo count to count on during times where you have no more primary ammo or time to reload.

As the Pointman: Use weapons with high magazine sizes (such as the Bizon PP-19, M4 Spectre, P90, etc.) to minimize the time between shooting and reloading. Priotize weaker enemies because your large magzine size will take care of a sizeable amount of them. Constantly move around the map to avert danger and distract enemies from your fellow teammates. Attempt to shoot enemies at point blank range to create the most damage possible from your weapons.

As the Rifleman: Prioritize enemies closer to you to create the least amount of danger. Shoot more powerful enemies because the general range and power of Assault Rifles allow you to kill them in less shots. Burst/Tap fire in an effort to reduce the amount of reloads performed. Only reload during feasible moments or risked getting mobbed by a swarm of enemies.

As the Sniper: Although highly discouraged because of their lack of ability to deal with multiple enemies during a short period of time, the Sniper can shine on teams with 3 other reliable non-Sniper players. It is ESSENTIAL (more so than the other classes) to carry a reliable secondary to deal with close-range enemies. Since secondary ammo is not replenished in this mode, use the secondary with extreme discretion. With your Primary Sniper, however, only shoot when you have a chance to score collaterals on oncoming enemies. Also keep on the move because of your naturally slow movement speed. When bosses emerge, priotize them in an effort to end the round quicker.