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Prison Break (Rescue)
Prison Break (Rescue)
Operation: Prison Break (Rescue)
Date: January, 2009
Location: EU military hospital in Constanta, Romania
Mission: A.I Mission (Rescue)
Map Overview
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After the successful suppression of the riot at the POW camp, First Lieutenant Eva, an EU intelligence officer, retrieves information about the biochemical agent designed by the NRF from the site. Eva arrives at a field hospital that is treating NRF soldiers who were exposed to the biochemical agent in an attempt to create the antidote. As soon as she arrives, however, a fire breaks out due to an infiltrating NRF secret agent. The facility is completely sealed and Eva is locked within. To rescue her, a small group of EU commandos is sent into the facility.

In this mission, players are automatically assigned to the EU against the AI – controlled NRF. To rescue Eva, EU soldiers must enter the first floor through the fire and eliminate the enemies in the area. Access to the upper floors by going up the staircase or activating several gates to reach an elevator. Eva is locked in a room somewhere on the upper levels of the hospital.

Once Eva is located, players must escort her to the rooftop. Call in for a rescue helicopter, wait for the helicopter arrival, then escape.
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Prison Break (Rescue) is a co-op mission in AVA. On this mission you must rescue Eva. You will have to fight through fires and hordes of prisoners in order to reach Eva and get her to the chopper. Once at the Heli-Pad, you'll have to defend the point until the chopper arrives and everyone is extracted.


  • The first part is enter the building and go up to the 14th floor.
    • Take note that you might have to do go through a variety of objectives to get to the hostage, such as activating controllers and going up elevators.
  • Save the hostage and go to the roof and wait until the evac helicopter arrive.

Enemy Types[]

There are 5 enemy types in Prison Break (Rescue). The fifth is unknown at this time:

The Regular Fugitives move at regular speed, wear blue clothing, and are not very hard to kill. They wield a variety of weapons such as Harpoon Knives, clubs, and Trays. Take note there are many of them.

The Swift Fugitives, as the name suggests, move very fast (seemingly faster than a sprinting Point Man). These enemies are always moving, and jump very frequently, sometimes making them hard to shoot. They wear yellow clothing and use Entrenchment Shovels as weapons.

The Vicious Fugitives are very tough, wearing red-orange clothing and wielding brutal fireaxes as weapons. These enemies take more ammo to kill than any other type (except Armed Fugitives), and also cause the highest amount of damage when the player is struck. The quickest way to dispatch them is two shots to the head.

The Armed Fugitives carry a variety of firearms with them. Firearms used can range from a shotgun to an RPG-7. These enemies wear black clothing and have large amounts of HP. It takes about 2 full clips of a Assault Rifle or SMG to even kill one. Only one or two of these fugitives were seen during inside the building. At the roof, there might be 3 or 4.

There seems to be a fifth type of Fugitive (possibly the Jackpot Fugitive) to appear ingame since this fugitive was seen (just for a split second) in a Prison Break 2 gameplay video.

The Hostage[]

Eva Maria Vorel

Eva Maria Vorel In-game

The hostage is a blonde-haired woman with a white shirt and black skirt. She seems to be part of some military, since she uses a pistol with ease and having a green beret with headwear. She is AI-controlled and once you find her, she will aid you in shooting the fugitives. She is not invincible, however, and must be protected at all costs in order to ensure the sucessful completion of the mission.


Those are rewards you can get for winning Prison Break (Rescue):

  • PPSh-41 (1 day)
  • PPSh-41 (3 days)
  • PPSh-41 (7 days)
  • STG-44 (1 day)
  • STG-44 (3 days)
  • STG-44 (7 days)
  • 50 €
  • 100 €
  • 500 €
  • 1000 €
  • Magazine Upgrade A (1 day)
  • Magazine Upgrade B (1 day)
  • M67 Grenade (1 day)
  • MK3A2 Grenade (1 day)
  • Red Viper Mask (1 day)
  • Red Viper Mask (3 days)
  • Red Viper Mask (7 days)
  • Red Viper Mask (15 days)
  • Red Viper Mask (30 days)
  • Armor

Additionaly no matter if you win or loose you get 1 supply point for every second someone from you team is alive (playing time)