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The NRF Prisoners are once NRF soldiers, but captured and held in a facility.


Prison Break: Escape[]

Once NRF soldiers were captured, they were placed a prison facility. What the EU didn't know is that underground there is a toxic agent chemical. The chemical was then released, and the NRF prisoners were exposed to it. Within minutes, they turned into mindless killers, having one objective: eliminate the EU forces and win the war. They quickly found weapons and attacked, killing most of their captors. Four EU survivors managed to escape death and teamed up. After a gruesome battle, they narrowly made it to the evac chopper.

Prison Break: Rescue[]

That wasn't the end. The prisoners broke out of the facility and attacked a nearby hospital, which was working on a cure for their condition. They killed many personnel there and even went as far as taking a female lieutenant hostage, Maria Eva. The 4 EU troops who had already learned of the prisoner's carnage, requested to retrieve the hostage. After a small debate, command allowed and the 4 EU troops were once again in the battlefield of mindless NRF prisoners. They managed to retrieve the hostage and call in evac.

Prison Break: Death Valley[]

Then, the toxic agent in the bodies of the NRF prisoners began to mutate. The NRF prisoners were enhanced and some of them even mutated into horribly disfigured mutants. The 4 EU troops were sent one more time to eliminate the threat once and for all. They travelled through the forest to eliminate the threat. During the fight, they were shocked to see that the prisoners took another facility with rocket launching sentry guns. Halfway, they saw a prisoner pilot a combat chopper above them, realizing they have gotten smarter as well. After suffering injuries, they shot down the chopper and decided to proceed into a cave, battling every prisoner they see, until they see a huge figure dual-wielding bloody chainsaws known as Colonel Pavel Panfilov. Realizing this is a fight of life or death, the 4 EU troops charged. Initially the three brutes had the upper hand,but the EU troops finally prevailed and slaughtered them. But, just as they were escaping, a seemingly endless horde of prisoners charged at them. Outnumbered, the EU troops decide to kill as many as they could before their upcoming fate. Just then, Eva arrived with a boat, having to owe the favor for saving her the last mission. The EU troops left the area, as the entire place explodes.

Prison Break: Lockdown[]

The prisoners were eventually subdued and were forced into another highly-secured location. However, even the new prison for them couldn't contain them and the 4 EU soldiers had no choice but to go in once more. After a massive fight against the riot, they prevailed and begun to "clean up" the place, not knowing someone was watching them.


  • Normal Fugitives
  • Swift Fugitives
  • Vicious Fugitvies
  • Armed Fugitives
  • Jackpot Fugitives
  • Mutated Normal Fugitives
  • Mutated Explovsive Barrel Fugitive
  • Mutated Chainsaw Fugitive