A.V.A Global Wiki

Players in A.V.A receive exp points after each match they play. Depending on how well they did, how long they stayed alive, how many rounds they won, the type of game being played, and if they won the game or not. the amount of exp awarded can greatly vary from match to match. Once a player has attained a certain amount of exp, they may increase in level. As levels increase, new things become available, such as armor and guns.

All players start at "Trainee".

There are two rank requirements in the game:

  • Staff Sergeant Lvl 3 to use the Capsule Shop
  • Second Lieutenant Lvl 1 to play Arena

For the old ranks that were used in older EU/NA version see here: Ranks (old)

Complete list of all ranks:

1.gif Trainee
2.gif Private
3.gif Private First classs
4.gif Corporal
5.gif Sergeant
6.gif Staff Sergeant lvl 1
7.gif Staff Sergeant lvl 2
8.gif Staff Sergeant lvl 3
9.gif Staff Sergeant lvl 4
10.gif Staff Sergeant lvl 5
11.gif Sergeant First Class lvl 1
12.gif Sergeant First Class lvl 2
13.gif Sergeant First Class lvl 3
14.gif Sergeant First Class lvl 4
15.gif Sergeant First Class lvl 5
16.gif Master Sergeant lvl 1
17.gif Master Sergeant lvl 2
18.gif Master Sergeant lvl 3
19.gif Master Sergeant lvl 4
20.gif Master Sergeant lvl 5
21.gif Second Lieutenant lvl 1
22.gif Second Lieutenant lvl 2
23.gif Second Lieutenant lvl 3
24.gif Second Lieutenant lvl 4
25.gif Second Lieutenant lvl 5
26.gif First Lieutenant lvl 1
27.gif First Lieutenant lvl 2
28.gif First Lieutenant lvl 3
29.gif First Lieutenant lvl 4
30.gif First Lieutenant lvl 5
31.gif Captain lvl 1
32.gif Captain lvl 2
33.gif Captain lvl 3
34.gif Captain lvl 4
35.gif Captain lvl 5
36.gif Major lvl 1
37.gif Major lvl 2
38.gif Major lvl 3
39.gif Major lvl 4
40.gif Major lvl 5
41.gif Lieutenant Colonel lvl 1
42.gif Lieutenant Colonel lvl 2
43.gif Lieutenant Colonel lvl 3
44.gif Lieutenant Colonel lvl 4
45.gif Lieutenant Colonel lvl 5
46.gif Colonel lvl 1
47.gif Colonel lvl 2
48.gif Colonel lvl 3
49.gif Colonel lvl 4
50.gif Colonel lvl 5
51 2.gif Brigadier General lvl 1
52.gif Brigadier General lvl 2
53.gif Brigadier General lvl 3
54 2.gif Major General lvl 1
55.gif Major General lvl 2
56.gif Major General lvl 30
57 2.gif Lieutenant General lvl 1
58.gif Lieutenant General lvl 2
59.gif Lieutenant General lvl 3
60 2.gif General lvl 1
61.gif General lvl 2
62.gif General lvl 3
63 2.gif Marshal lvl 1
64.gif Marshal lvl 2
65.gif Marshal lvl 3
Level56.png Champion

Experience Chart