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SMG designed by IMI of Israel. Its simple mechanism offers easy-to-repair and reliable weapon. It has short length and the magazine is housed in the pistol grip, allowing for a heavier, slower-firing bolt in a shorter, better-balanced weapon.
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The Raven Origin is a Sub Machine Gun that is also known as Raven, that is added at the launch at 25-8-22.



Ava Global Burst Barrel
Increases rate of fire but decreases accuracy.
–0.3 accuracy, –0.2 auto fire accuracy, +1.04 auto fire


Ava Global Eotech Sight
This accessory projects reflective and refracted lasers, improving visibility and magnification performance

Ava Global Multi-Reticle Sight
The reflective triangle crosshair on this scope improves visibility, although as the cost of performance when zooming.


Ava Global Magazine Replacement Trigger
Upgrades to a 32 Round magazine, but causes decreases mobility due to weight.
+7 Mag Capacity, –0.7 Mobility


Ava Global Silicon Grip
Increases initial shot accuracy and ranged accuracy during auto fire
+0.4 Accuracy, +3.0 Auto Fire Accuracy

Ava Global Soft Grip
Increases spread recover speed but slightly decreases accuracy
-1.6 Accuracy, -0.5 Auto Fire Accuracy

Recommended Builds

  • Burst Barrel
  • Magazine Replacement
  • Silicon Grip



  • Close-range - Spray at body or burst at head. With its high DPS it will lead to easy head shots
  • Mid-range - Try to shorter distance to close-range. If you have to face the enemy make short bursts while moving.
  • Long-range - Never engage enemy. If you have no choice, try to short out distance then burst

Notable Comparisons


  • This gun is rare and usually underestimated by players because if its low price and high recoil. Still it is one of the most cost-effective sub-machine guns in AVA
  • UZI has almost same DPS as AKS-74U Desmodus
  • A player known as "Zosime" is also well known for obessing and loving this weapon.