Red Duck Inc.
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Company Name: Red Duck Inc.
Date Established: February, 2006
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Core Business: Online Game Development

Red Duck Released it's flagship title A.V.A(Alliance of Valiant Arms) in 2007 and started providing service thought Korea for the first time. Currently A.V.A is available and favorably viewed by gamers worldwide in both North America and Europe as well as in East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. The Company is now progressing on it's development of Metro Conflict and plans to provide relevant service in the first half of 2011.

As the world's first company to successfully commercialize an online game using Unreal Engine™ 3. Red Duck's number on priority is placed on competent human resources, and that's why it focuses on recruiting and developing talented individuals, then providing them with the best rewards, compensation and fringe benefits in the industry. The company strives to create an optimal working environment for it's employees and to continuously enhance and protect the core technologies they develop.
  — Company Overview from Red Duck Inc. Site 
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