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Universal soldiers for all kinds of operations, Riflemen can be utilized in virtually any battle scenario. This class excels in a variety of combat skills, and can employ a wide range of tactics.
  — Class Description 

The Rifle Man (often referred to as "Rifleman") is one of three player classes in Alliance of Valiant Arms.


The Rifle Man is outperformed by Pointman in close quarters combat (CQC) and by Sniper in long distance combat assuming player skill levels are equal, but can beat both when outside of each classes respective effective ranges. They are not the best class, but it has the potential to win against all odds as with all the classes.

The Rifle Man class has the most diverse type of weapons, ranging from fast firing carbines to high powered rifles, the Rifle Man class can somewhat substitute as the other classes. There are many of the Rifle Man weapons that feature specialized stats, low recoil guns, light weight rifles, light machine guns and battle rifles. With the Sako RK.95, Rifle Man can fit a sniping role if they can perform consistent headshots, while with light weight rifles they can rush like the Pointman.

The Rifle Man has a better defense rating than any other class which keeps his durability high (Depending on you and your enemy's armor load-out). They are the most well-balanced class in the game, and are the most prominent class from casual players to the world championships. They excel in shooting in short bursts, but tend to crumble when firing in full auto (though there are exceptions based upon weapon stats).

The Rifle Man's primary weapon consists of Assault Rifles, which can then be divided into two smaller groups: Standard AR's and Battle Rifles. An example of each would be the M4A1 or AK47. Each have a different play-style, and are equally effective.

Grenades are essential for the Riflemen. The Rifle Man can throw grenades faster and farther than any other class, so don't forget to use grenades.

Strengths Weaknesses

Best defense rating
Best grenade capabilites
All-around class

Weaknesses vary depending on weapons

Ineffective in most CQB situations and beyond 40M

Class Skills

Name Requirement Reward
Basic Defense:
Defense rating LV1
Achieved upon creation of character No reward
Intermediate Defense:
Defense rating LV2
Staff Sergeant 2 No reward
Advanced Defense:
Defense rating LV3
Staff Sergeant First Class 2 No reward
Helmet Defense:
Helmet drop rate decrease LV1
Corporal No reward
Advanced Helmet Defense:
Helmet drop rate decrease LV2
Staff Sergeant 5 No reward
Basic Throw:
Throw range increase LV1


No reward
Advanced Throw:
Throw range increase LV2


No reward
Quick Throw:
Throw speed increase

Staff Sergeant 3

No reward
Maneuvers Training:
Movement speed increase

Private First Class

No reward
Advanced Aimed Fire:
Aimed fire shot grouping improved
Staff Sergeant 1 No reward
Grenade Defense Training:
Decrease damage taken from grenade

Staff Sergeant First Class

No reward
AR Quick Reload:
AR weapon reload speed increase

Staff Sergeant 4

No reward

Rifleman Statistics Comparison

Weapon Damage Range Accuracy Auto Fire Acc Recoil Control Auto Fire Magazine Capacity Mobility DPS
AK-47 45 71.5 91.5 79.3 85.8 10.15 30 93.5 456.75
M4A1 41.0 71.0 88.4 80.1 89.6 10.91 30 95.0 447.31
SA58 Para 59 70.6 96.0 69.7 70.4 10.0 27 93.5 590.0
L85A2 Rail 40.0 68.7 90.4 83.7 91.8 11.24 32 86.7 449.6