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Rising Dust
Rising Dust
Operation: Rising Dust
Date: September 1, 2022
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Mission: Breach
Map Overview
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The EU launches an all-out assault on the city of Frankfurt, the last urban stronghold of the NRF in the country. Not wanting to inflict collateral damage to one of their major economic hubs and thus cripple its capacity, the EU forces decide to take advantage of the elements of speed and surprise that their armored brigade has. According to the plan of attack, an armored brigade is to quickly disable NRF movement by cutting off their main route and then divide and conquer the enemy. Making this plan even more attractive is the fact that the civilians have already been evacuated. October 10th, 2008 The battle for Frankfurt starts with the advance of Leopard 2 MBTs from the 217th armored brigade. Their objective is to destroy elevated highways within the city, on which the NRF move around.
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Rising Dust

Map In-game

A dark destroyed city block. Recommended Starting Classes:EU-Sniper at beginning and a few Riflemen, once past the first line of defense switch over to Point Men to assault the tall building opposite the NRF spawn point. NRF-Rifle Men with a few Snipers at the beginning when the tank passes by the first line of defense switch to Point Men and guard the door lots.

The key tactical considerations players on this version of the map will have to keep in mind is that they will lack the cover of darkness to mask their movements and as such will be more vulnerable to Snipers when crossing open areas.



  • The Whell gas station is the AVA Universe's representation of the real life Shell gas stations.
  • In the mini cafe, there are small framed pictures showing EU soldiers posing in front of the tank.




아바(A.V.A) - 라이징더스트(Rising Dust)

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