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A high quality knife with a rose inscribed on it. Crafted by the hands of a master craftsman, this knife symbolizes the wish of every lover- the safe return of the beloved.
  — Weapon Description 


The Rose Engraved Knife is not seen very often due to its poor statistics and the costly price. There is a rose pattern engraved on the blade. When the player users a lethal blow (right mouse click), the Rose Engraved Knife will NOT behave that way. There is a delay before the game actually registers the point where you hit it. Therefore, you can stab at a moving enemy and never hit them due to the delay. In other words, if you stab the wall, there will be a 1 second delay before the mark appears, thus making the player vulnerable in any situation if the stab was not timed correctly (i.e. aiming where the enemy might go next, so the stab will be registered at that point, killing the enemy). However, this is incredibly hard to predict the enemy's path and stab beforehand.


There are no known modifications for the Rose Engraved Knife.

Recommended Builds[]

There are no known modifications for the Rose Engraved Knife.


There are no known variants of the Rose Engraved Knife.


  • Due to its delayed stab feature, aim ahead of the enemy. Predict where the enemy is going to go. To be honest, I have never gotten a kill with the Rose Engraved Knife unless the enemy was stationary.
  • Headshots are a must. Use the left mouse click and treat it like a field knife- aim for the head.

Notable Comparisons[]

  • Field Knife: Very similar to the Rose Engraved Knife, the Field Knife only has 1 less range (5 to 6) and 10 less damage points (35 to 45).


  • The Rose Engraved Knife was also a cross promotion weapon, given by Steam to players who created a Team Fortress 2 account, and vice versa. Team Fortress 2 players who register an A.V.A account will also receive their version of the Rose Engraved Knife. This promotion has been discontinued since 2018.