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Operation: Runaway
Date: Early August, 2008
Location: A hydropower plant in Eder Dam, Bad Wildungen, Ruhrgebiet, Germany
Mission: Conveyance
Map Overview
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Early August in 2008, EU southern force advancing over the France border towards the German inland, set their bridgehead in northern Bad Wildungen, a small city in Ruhrgebiet, Germany to attack Hamburg. NRF in Hamburg already knew their intentions and was planning on destroying Eder Dam of Eder River in northern west of Bad Wildungen and submerge EU bridgehead in the downstream. For the operation, remaining nukes from Operation Break Out was secretly moved to the hydroelectric power plant inside the Eder Dam, but the plan was betrayed to the EU special force by an EU spy within NRF. Evacuation order was immediately sent to the EU forces in the downstream, but the time was not enough to evacuate the whole force. Now, EU headquarters starts an operation sending special unit 623 to infiltrate Eder Dam and capture the nuke itself...
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The objective of Runaway is for the EU to get the nuke case and bring it to one of tw

AVA 110226 091119 00

The legendary Nuke Case

o extraction points. There are several paths that the player can travel on in making their way through

AVA 110226 091143 00

Gate 1

Runaway (including several doors that can be interacted with), but the main paths to use are the infamous gates used to reach the extraction point. If the Player opens Gate 1, the Nuke Case must be brought to the tank. If the Player opens Gate 2, the Nuke Case must be brought to the helicopter. Please be aware that when either gate is opened, an annoucement in-game states which gate has been opened, drawing both NRF and remaining EU forces to the last know EU location. Another note to be aware of is the fact that opening either gate will open the steel shutters on the map, creating an additional path of travel for either team. Common classes used in

AVA 110226 091157 00

Gate 2

AVA 110226 091225 00

Opened Steel Shutters

Runway are the Pointman for their speed in delivering the Nuke Case and CQB ability, and the Rifleman for their overall combat dexterity. Snipers are not recommended classes because of the lack of long-range combat in Runaway.

As the EU, you win the round if:

  • the teams delivers the Nuke Case to their active extraction point, or
  • the NRF team is wiped out

As the NRF, you win the round if:

  • The EU team is wiped out, or
  • The EU team is unable to deliver the Nuke Case before time runs out

Alliance of Valiant Arms - Runaway Nade Spots - by EpicGaming