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It is expected for this model to look similar to an AK rifle as it retains the firing mechanism and the frame of the series. Naturally, it has the reliability and durability of the AK series while providing a box type magazine for quick reload.
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The SA-12is a Pointman weapon introduced in the ________ Content Update.


The SA-12 is a box-fed, semi-automatic shotgun with the third highest rate of fire in its class and a boasts the most DPS in all of A.V.A. The Saiga-12 is a shotgun that has 80 damage and 40 Rof, which is a fairly decent combination. This allows the shotgun to dispatch of enemies in one shot, or follow up with a second rather quickly if the first shot misses, or the enemy survived. The Saiga 12 has decent range for a Box-fed shotgun as well as accuracy, but the biggest flaw in it is the extremely low stability. The recoil of the gun is extreme to the point where players who are inexperienced with the Saiga 12 will have trouble firing a second shot properly due to it's huge vertical jump. 



  • The Saiga 12 is a very versatile shotgun, so it is possible to use it against riflemen class if you are within a reasonable range of 15 meters. Depending on your choice of barrel, you can either go for even better spread with Choke extraction barrel, or use Choke expansion barrel for more damage, but lower range and accuracy.
  • In infection mode, the Saiga12 can kill infected much faster than any other weapon in the game. 2-4 hits depending on the range. 
  • Pulling down the Saiga12 right after the shot allows for easier control. This technique is used by many SA58 Para users as well. 
  • Tests: The shots do not go though glass or wood. Low penetration. 

Notable Comparisons


  • The SA-12 is visually patterned after the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles
  • The SA-12 is used by Bots in "Canon: [AI] Demolition"
  • It's stats indicate that the fire rate is the same as an AK-47, but it's not nearly as fast, poking a huge hole in the stats.
  • The ingame S12 has been modified with AK-style iron sights, wooden furniture and a side-folding stock that seems to be taken from an SVDS.




A.V.A 戰地之王 Saiga12 Recoil Test 彈道測試 (原裝)

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