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The SMG model is equipped with the most complete built-in silencer in existence. The open rail system of SF, an American firearms accessory manufacturer, has made nuclear weapons even more powerful during counterterrorism operations.)
  — Weapon description 


The SD5 Sonic is a Sub Machine Gun first introduced during 25-8-22 Release Update. It possesses excellent ROF and average damage, giving it a remarkably high DPS. It also has an integrated silencer, making it useful for flanking. It has occasionally problematic bloom which may be cured by using the Spetsnaz barrel. Alternatively, when shot in 4-5 shot bursts, the MP5SD loses almost all its bloom, making the Burst Barrel the more useful attachment as it makes the gun overall more deadly. This is highly recommended, and makes the MP5SD5 one of the most effective burst weapons in the game (especialy when combined with a Silicon Grip).

The gun takes approximately 5 shots to the chest to kill, which is convenient as it does not bloom until the 6th shot. When crouched, this gun is extremely accurate at extreme ranges with predicable vertical recoil with almost no bloom whatsoever, though the damage dropoff will limit the effective DPS at those ranges.



Notable Comparisons


  • Of all Pointman weapons ( including capsule weapons!), the MP5SD5 has the highest Stability stat, with 50.
  • This weapon is directly related to the MP5A3 (the default free SMG) and the MP5K-PDW. All three weapons share some vital traits: extremely high preformance at their respective ranges, a high RoF, and a magazine that empties very quickly. The MP5SD5 is the most versatile of the three and also suffers less from its magazine capacity compared to its siblings, at the cost of some RoF.

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