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A high-power pistol designed and manufactured by H&K of Germany to satisfy special operations specifications. Although powerful, it is bulky, heavy, and expensive.
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The MK23 SOCOM is a Secondary Weapon first introduced during the November 2021 CBT Playtest.


The SOCOM has a strong range rating for a pistol, only third to the SW1911 and the Colt SAA. While it has moderately high power (43.5) and moderately low recoil, the SOCOM is balanced by its small magazine size,low mobility compared to most pistols, and ROF. It is also one of few pistols bought with euros for permanent use and is fairly popular among higher ranks. Though the ROF is quite high, it is not comparable to the Beretta92FS, which is 10 points higher than the MK23 SOCOM.

It is the no longer one of the strongest pistols in A.V.A. (including capsule guns). The S&W M29 (92),Ruger Super Redhawk (86.3),Python 357 (78.5),Desert Eagle (67),Walther P38 (82.5),Colt SAA (68.5),and the Luger P-08 (52.5) all deal higher damage than the MK23 SOCOM.

The SOCOM is one of the three sidearms able to be purchased permamently, along with the TMP and CZ75. Of the three, this one sports the highest damage, highest range, and highest stability. It is also one of the few pistols capable of attaching a silencer. The MK23 SOCOM is also the only one of the three sidearms to be able to zoom.

However, it does have a low ROF, low mobility, long draw time and medium penetration, which can cause the player to be constantly outgunned by higher caliber pistols.


There are no modifications available for the MK23 SOCOM.


  • XK.23 Red line


  • Due to its low ROF, missing any shots on an enemy could quickly lead to death for the player.
  • Aim for the head as much as possible. Due to the MK23 SOCOM's .45 caliber round, the player can easily kill the enemy with 1 shot when it is a headshot. Combined with the high range and stability, headshots should not be much of a problem
  • Carefully place your shots. This is not a spam gun, where every time you click a shot comes out (i.e., the Beretta92FS). Due to its low ROF (25) yet the 40 damage, as long as you aim and tap to the appropriate timing, the MK23 SOCOM can kill in 3 swift shots (1 if headshot).

Notable Comparisons

Verdict: Both the MK23 Socom and Beretta92FS are top tiered sidearms when used correctly. However, the MK23 Socom is suited for slow tappers who prefer higher power damage per shot. The Beretta92FS is suited for fast tappers (shot spammers).


  • Though unrelated to AVA, the MK23 SOCOM is well known for being the weapon of choice for "Solid Snake"; a popular videogame character from the "Metal Gear Solid" series.
  • The SOCOM actually has lower mobility than some primary weapons (especially from the Pointman class), so depending on your weapon it may be more useful to switch to your primary when traveling long distances.
  • While equiping the silencer on the SOCOM, it does not have the usual range penalty.
  • It has an underbarrel AN/PEQ-6 Lazer Aiming Module fitted on it,though it is not usable.


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