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"A bolt action sniper rifle that has the improved operating mechanism of the MAS-36, the French army rifle that has been in service since 1936. Its time-tested and enhanced handling gives it great utility."
  — Weapon Description 



FR-F2 in the in game Shop

The FR-F2 is one of the most popular sniper rifles. Although the TPG-1 is considered supreme for it's almost 0% tag rate, the FR-F2 seems supreme in all other categories. One of the more significant reasons as to why the FR-F2 is one of the most popular sniper rifles is the fairly low tag rate, despite the rather fairly average damage. The reason behind the low tag rate is the armor piercing stat of 97, the highest of any gun, as opposed to 70 on most other sniper rifles. Note that weapons like the SA58 Para and XCR Kraken have armor piercing stat of 65 as a reference.

The FR-F2 has an excellent 1 hit KO rate, shots to the chest within considerable range are almost always kills, as it has armor penetration (ignores the armor players are wearing). The mobility, scoping speed, and ammo capacity are all higher and faster than the TPG-1. However, the FR-F2 is not as advanced in penetration of walls or bodies as the TPG-1 is. The FR-F2 also has a higher rank requirement, Master Sergeant, but is worth the wait.

The FR-F2 is also fairly customizable, where it can be upgraded and modified further to your preferences. For decreased tag rate, it is recommended to buy the Long Range Barrel (even though that the range stats are misleading, the "real" range is over 90).

Nonetheless, it is quite common among higher ranks in the PVP channel and on the Canon AI mission, where enemy snipers often are seen carrying it. Overall, the FR-F2 is almost indefinitely one of the best sniper rifles in the game, and a sniper would most certainly do well if he had one.

Another advantage is the FR-F2's silence. Compared to the TPG-1's trademark firing sound, the FR-F2 is not so obvious. This is not so useful but may assist in keeping yourself hidden (especially behind enemy lines).

The FR-F2 is commonly used by bots in "Canon [AI] Demolition."



  • Quick Scope (Single-phase zoom)
  • Sharpshooter Scope (Double-phase zoom, no automatic zoom after aimed fire)


  • Long Range Barrel (Range +7.1)
  • Sharpshooter Barrel (Accuracy +2.5)


  • Magazine Replacement (Ammo +5 ,Recoil Control -0.9)

Recommended Builds

SR-F2 was nerfed and is tagged a lot. This build will reduce tag-rate and help with quickscoping. Rifle will gain 7.1 Range, 5 Ammo and quicker scope. If you want to keep stability high, then do not add Magazine Replacement.

  • Sharp Shooter Scope
  • Long Range Barrel
  • Magazine Replacement

One Hit Kill % 

30m 80%
40m 60%
50m 50%


14 Armor equipped

10 shots per distance

Shot at the arms

Barrel: Long Range Barrel 



  • Breakshotting (Brakeshotting; the maneuver where a player quickly stops movement to be able to shoot accurately) is recommended on this gun, as it makes running and gunning more reliable.
  • Quick-switching (swapping from one gun to another and back to the first) is also recommended, as it bypasses the bolt phase, thus increasing a player's chances to fire more shots.

Notable Comparisons

FN PSR Ballista


  • In real life, this sniper rifle has been in service since 1984.
  • The FR F2 in French is Fusil à Répétition modèle F2 in English it is Bolt-action Rifle, F2 model.




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