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The SR-F2 Sumire is a skinned variant of the SR-F2. Statistically and performance-wise, it is identical to the SR-F2. It is part of the "Sumire" series, along with the Bahamut Sumire, DT-42 Sumire, V Nagant Sumire

The exterior has a purple-blue base coat, with gold accents along the barrel and white flowers spread across the entire side of the gun.



Ava Global Sharpshooter Barrel
Increases accuracy, but decreases auto fire abilities. (Auto fire rate can be checked using the Swap Auto Fire tooltip)
+2.6 Accuracy

Ava Global Long Range Barrel
Switching to a long-range battel increases long-range damage, but decreases stability
+7.9 Range


Ava Global Sharpshooter Scope
A scope capable of fast focusing

Ava Global Precision Scope
High powered double phase scope


Ava Global Magazine Replacement Trigger
Replaces the magazine with a 10 round cartridge. With the increased size of the magazine, it is diffucult to maintain a stable posture
-10.0 Recoil Control, +5 Mag. Capacity